Backed by clinical research performed at the University of Wisconsin, the FREEBOUNDER® has less impact on your joints than walking. Holding five patents, the FREEBOUNDER® helps people through their physical therapy journey utilizing a variety of twelve low-impact exercises. Created by John G. Louis, the sports medicine pioneer and entrepreneur. Louis started Louis Innovation with the pursuit of powerful solutions and to create life-changing products. Louis told the Scope Weekly, “My guiding mission is to improve your life,” adding, “In my work with athletes in national sports leagues and regular folks, I have seen serious joint injuries and developed the low impact FREEBOUNDER® with the people in mind that are unable to do high impact aerobics exercises, for those that find even walking too difficult. It has been greatly helpful in rehabilitation.”

The FREEBOUNDER® has started to be used by practitioners and patients alike. Julia Karlstad, a certified personal trainer in San Antonio, Texas, works with special populations and those with mobility challenges. She has been using the FREEBOUNDER® with her clients and hears rave reviews. She says, “When they get on the FREEBOUNDER®, it brings out their inner kid, reminding them of summers, jumping on a trampoline.” There aren’t many complaints when the FREEBOUNDER® is thrown into their workout routine. Additionally, she has been able to guide clients with Multiple Sclerosis through a cardiovascular workout on the machine that is fun and allows for muscle targeting that is usually limited by their mobility challenges.

Another positive story is from Joel Jäger, who contracted polio as a child and, as a result, caused severe atrophy in his left leg, causing it to become weak and need a brace. He states that he is “the poster child for the FREEBOUNDER®. Usually hitting fatigue and almost collapsing before the end of a two-mile walk, he now uses the FREEBOUNDER® six days a week at thirty-minute intervals. He says he can move his body in directions and ways that he usually can’t.

The FREEBOUNDER® debuted at the 2020’s American Physical Therapy Association Conference held at the Colorado Convention Center and has since been adopted by physical therapist clinics.

Since 1980, John G. Louis has been recognized as a pioneer and leader in sports medicine and rehabilitation and was inducted into the 

Massage Therapy Hall of Fame in 2022. Louis is an inventor of numerous product concepts, educator, and therapist for some of the world’s best professional athletes. As the CEO and founder of Acuforce International, Inc. (1999), he markets multiple patented soft-tissue therapy tools.

Not one to rest on his past accomplishments, Louis told us, “I am not done working on ways to improve people’s fitness. And I will be launching in the next few months, a portable tool to address back and neck pains.” The Scope Weekly will keep its readers updated once it comes out. 

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