Honoring Juneteenth in Los Angeles County: A Celebration of Freedom and History

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In Los Angeles, the Juneteenth celebrations are in full swing, offering a range of events and activities for people to participate in and honor this historic occasion.

Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans and has gained significant recognition and importance in recent years. It is now a federal holiday and has become a time for communities across the United States to unite and celebrate freedom and equality. In Los Angeles, the Juneteenth celebrations are in full swing, offering a range of events and activities for people to participate in and honor this historic occasion.  Pick your activities and celebrate!

1. Leimert Village Juneteenth Festival at Leimert Park Village

One of the most prominent Juneteenth celebrations in Los Angeles is the Leimert Village Juneteenth Festival, held at Leimert Park Village. This year, the festival will take place until 9 p.m. on Monday, offering an evening filled with music, entertainment, and community spirit. Renowned musicians like Jasmine Sullivan, Too Short, and Wale will grace the stage and provide unforgettable performances. Moreover, the festival will feature around 300 Black-owned business vendors, allowing attendees to support and explore the rich diversity of local entrepreneurship. And, of course, delicious food will be available throughout the event, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.

For more information about the Leimert Village Juneteenth Festival, please visit the official website or Instagram page.


2. El Segundo’s Second Annual Juneteenth Festival

El Segundo, a city known for its commitment to inclusivity and diversity, will host its second annual Juneteenth Festival. This family-friendly event will take place from noon to 6 p.m., providing attendees with a day filled with live music, arts and crafts, and a dedicated kid-zone area. The festival will also showcase Black-owned business vendors, allowing visitors to discover unique products and support local entrepreneurship. Black sponsors the event in Mayberry, a nonprofit organization that aims to combat racism through the arts.

To learn more about El Segundo’s Juneteenth Festival, visit the event’s Instagram page or the official website of Black in Mayberry.

3. Juneteenth Drive-Thru Parade in Inglewood

Inglewood will host its fourth annual Juneteenth Drive-Thru Parade, a unique and vibrant celebration of freedom. The parade will kick off at 1 p.m. near La Brea Avenue and Manchester Boulevard, culminating at Inglewood City Hall. Participants can enjoy the procession from the comfort of their vehicles, immersing themselves in the joyful atmosphere while adhering to safety guidelines. The Juneteenth Drive-Thru Parade is a powerful reminder of the resilience and perseverance of the Black community in the face of historical adversity.

Please visit their official website for more information and to register for the Juneteenth Drive-Thru Parade in Inglewood.

4. Juneteenth Fireworks Spectacular at Cabrillo Beach

Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro will be the backdrop for a mesmerizing Juneteenth Fireworks Spectacular. At 8:30 p.m., visitors can witness a breathtaking fireworks display, illuminating the night sky to celebrate freedom. The event is sponsored by Juneteenth 400, a nonprofit organization that originated in San Pedro and the Port of Los Angeles. By attending this spectacular fireworks show, you can not only revel in the beauty of the display but also contribute to the ongoing mission of Juneteenth 400.

For location details and further information about the Juneteenth Fireworks Spectacular, visit the Port of Los Angeles website.

5. Juneteenth Celebration at Ovation Hollywood Shopping Center

The Ovation Hollywood shopping center will host a vibrant Juneteenth celebration filled with live music, a Black-owned business marketplace, a photo booth, and family-friendly entertainment. From noon until 4 p.m., visitors can immerse themselves in the joyful atmosphere and explore diverse activities and offerings. This inclusive event is free and open to the public, allowing everyone to come together and celebrate the significance of Juneteenth.

To learn more about the Juneteenth celebration at Ovation Hollywood and the exciting lineup of activities, visit the event website.

6. Juneteenth Celebrations at Libraries throughout Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County libraries will host various Juneteenth celebrations, offering engaging activities such as book clubs, storytimes, and more. These events are designed to educate and inspire people of all ages, fostering a deeper understanding of the significance of Juneteenth and its historical context. Whether you are a book lover, a history enthusiast, or simply curious to learn more, these library celebrations provide a welcoming and educational environment.

To find a Juneteenth celebration at a library near you and to explore the diverse range of activities, visit the Los Angeles County Library website.

7. Juneteenth Celebrations in Los Angeles: A Historical Perspective

Juneteenth, Freedom Day, or Emancipation Day holds profound historical significance. It marks the day when the last enslaved people in the United States learned of their freedom from Union soldiers in Galveston, Texas. President Joe Biden signed bipartisan legislation in 2021, officially establishing Juneteenth as a federal holiday. This recognition honors the struggle for freedom and highlights the ongoing need to address systemic racism and inequality.

Throughout the Southland, cities, and municipalities have celebrated Juneteenth for decades, creating a sense of community and unity. In Los Angeles, the Juneteenth celebrations have grown in scale and diversity, reflecting the city’s rich cultural fabric. From live music performances to food festivals and parades, there are numerous ways to commemorate Juneteenth and join in the collective celebration of freedom and equality.

8. Juneteenth Celebrations Leading Up to the Holiday

The Juneteenth celebrations in Los Angeles extend beyond the official holiday on June 19. Leading up to the holiday, various events and activities offer opportunities for people to come together in the spirit of Juneteenth. On Friday, June 16, a cookware shop in Venice will host a Juneteenth event, providing a unique and intimate setting for commemoration. On Saturday, June 17, Los Angeles neighborhoods will host their Juneteenth celebrations, including Hawthorne, Culver City, and Santa Monica. These events typically feature live music performances, food trucks, and opportunities to support Black-owned businesses.

9. Juneteenth Celebrations on the Day

On the Juneteenth holiday, Monday, June 19, Leimert Park will be the center of attention in Los Angeles. Leimert Park’s Juneteenth Festival, from noon to 9 p.m., promises a vibrant and inclusive celebration. The festival will showcase 300 Black-owned businesses, with three stages hosting various performances, including music, spoken word, and more. Attendees can also indulge in delicious food from multiple vendors, including the Afrocentric restaurant Two Hommes. For those using public transportation, the Martin Luther King Station near Crenshaw and MLK Boulevard provides convenient access to the festival.

10. Juneteenth Celebration Beyond the Official Holiday

Even after the official Juneteenth holiday, the celebrations continue in Los Angeles. On Sunday, June 26, Alta in West Adams will host a special dinner featuring chefs Miles Thompson and Keith Corbin. The four-course dinner, prepared with wine pairings from Adams Wine Shop, promises a culinary experience that honors the spirit of Juneteenth. This event provides an opportunity to reflect on the significance of Juneteenth and its relevance in our society today.

Juneteenth celebrations in Los Angeles offer a unique and powerful way to honor enslaved African Americans’ emancipation and continue the fight for equality and justice. Whether you choose to attend the Leimert Village Juneteenth Festival, join a drive-thru parade in Inglewood, or explore the various activities at libraries throughout Los Angeles County, each celebration contributes to the collective effort to create a more inclusive and equitable society. We can commemorate the past, celebrate the present, and envision a brighter future for all by coming together and participating in these events.

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