Unveiling the Artisan Air Series: 30 Captivating Episodes Celebrates the Talented Airmen and Guardians

Artisan Air's latest programming is now available on the AF Live app. This series features five airmen and guardians who showcase their exceptional skills outside of their military service. Each episode tells the story of their commitment to their craft and loyalty to their country.

Artisan Air Series Showcasing Airmen and Guardians Now Available On Air Force Services’ AF Live App.

Exclusively on AF Live App. Richard Cooper, Strategic Marketing & Branding Specialist, said in a  press statement:

 the Air Force Services Center acknowledges the fact that personnel are its most valuable resource. Thus, they are offering viewers a chance to gain insight into service members’ lives with a new 30 episode series.


The much-awaited Artisan Air series is now available for viewing on the Air Force Services Center’s AF Live App.


The Air Force Services Center has created the Artisan Air series, a 30-episode series, to highlight the creativity and skill of Airmen and Guardians. Richard Cooper, Strategic Marketing & Branding Specialist, stated, “Our Over-The-Top (OTT) media channel, AF Live APP, will be the platform for this series, allowing viewers to gain insight into the lives of service members and engage with their interests.”

Beginning with the release of five 30-minute episodes showcasing a variety of talent from artists, musicians, and poets, a new episode will follow every Thursday until June 29th.

The recordings for the series occurred between September and December 2022 in Austin, Texas.

AFSVC has announced that, along with the series, they will be releasing songs from the episodes on streaming platforms, thus expanding the Air Force’s music collection. On June 29, a digital album comprised of 13 musicians and a spoken word poet will be available on various streaming sites once the series has been released.

Chief Integrated Marketing and Branding Gary Lott expressed gratitude for this program:

a tribute to all U.S. Airmen and Guardians who are prepared to defend our nation bravely. Furthermore, he thanked the Air Force Service Center for giving them the opportunity to showcase their personnel in a more individualized way.

ID cardholders eligible for the Department of Defense will have the opportunity to win a special vinyl recording. Check out the AF Live app available for iOS and Android devices for more information. Links are provided to find the app in the iOS App Store and Google Play.

It has been announced that the new series will premiere episodes 6-10!

On June 1st, Artisan Air released five episodes on the AF Live app. These episodes focus on five airmen and guardians who have chosen to dedicate themselves to their craft and service to the country. The new series will highlight these individuals for their extraordinary talents beyond their military duties.

  • Clarissa Tweed, a Senior Airman with the 36th Logistics Readiness Squadron/Logistics Global Reach at Andersen Air Force Base
  • Derek Skelton, a Staff Sergeant with the 147th Air Support Operations Squadron at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base
  • Daryl Bowden Jr., a Senior Airman with the 15th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at Offutt Air Force Base
  • Connor Remboldt, a Staff Sergeant with the 190th Air Refueling Wing at Forbes Field Air National Guard Base
  • Sarah Brice, a Staff Sergeant with the Defense Information School at Fort Meade, Maryland

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Clarissa Tweed, a gifted graphic artist who takes inspiration from Japanese Anime, has some of her most cherished creations from the year 2022. These characters have been her own creations and, she hopes, will one day be the basis for the story she has crafted for them.

Derek Skelton, a Staff Sergeant located at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base, is a prolific country singer-songwriter that honed his skill set in church. His sound has a soulful infusion to it, and his musical influences vary from Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, and Gavin DeGraw.

Daryl Bowden, Jr, a Senior Airman stationed at Offutt AFB, is a multifaceted musician and vocalist. He is motivated by Charles Bradly and has drawn comparisons to artists such as John Legend and Stevie Wonder. He performs three original compositions.

Connor Remboldt, an SSgt based at Forbes Field ANGB, refers to himself as a metalsmith, visual artist, and designer. He is drawn to items that inspire him and then creates tactical artwork from them and digital work. Throughout his episode, he mentions a possum bone broach, his wife’s engagement ring, and a gold leaf decorated eggshell necklace as a few of his pieces.

Sgt Sarah Brice invites us to explore the world of cosplay with her. According to her, it is a form of “playing dress-up,” but on a larger scale. She even goes as far as to act as her own makeup artist, designer, director, and actor. There are no boundaries when it comes to re-creating a character or creating something new. Cosplaying is a way to express a story in a physical form, as your imagination is the only limitation. She finds joy in cosplay!

On June 8th, SSgt Derek Skelton and SrA Daryl Bowden Jr. will present three tunes to the public each. The story of these musicians and other artists will be accessible on the AF Live app and on numerous music streaming services.

The newest series is available for download through the AF Live application, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Apple users can find the app here and Android users can access it here.

Members of the Force Special Offer: Enter to win a FREE vinyl copy of the Artisan Air Vinyl:

All eligible Department of Defense ID cardholders will have the chance to win a limited-edition vinyl recording, enter here https://gleam.io/WjSMG/artisan-air-vinyl-giveaway. Watch for more details on the AF Live app for iOS and Android.

Clarissa Tweed, a SrA in the 36th Logistics Readiness Squadron/ Logistics Group Readiness at Andersen Air Force Base, can be connected to on Instagram at @easiertomore.

Derek Skelton, SSgt of 147 ASOS at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base, has his own website and can be found on Instagram.

Daryl Bowden Jr., SrA in the 15AMXS at Offutt Air Force Base, has an Instagram profile which can be found at IG.

Connor Remboldt, a Staff Sergeant in the 190th Air Refueling Wing at Forbes Field ANGB, can be found on Instagram @connorrem.

Sergeant Sarah Brice of the Defense Information School at Fort Meade, Maryland can be found on Facebook at LifeOfCosplay and Instgram at LifeOfCosplay.

Week 1’s Streaming Agenda:

MSgt Trevor Clark of the 58th Rescue Squadron at Nellis AFB

SrA Adrianna Parson of the SHAPE International Band at NATO HQ in SHAPE/Mons, Belgium

TSgt Amy James of the 64th Air Refueling Squadron at Pease ANGB in New Hampshire

TSgt George Linen of the 765th ABS at Lajes Field in the Azores, Portugal

SSgt Jonathan Delise of the 553rd Air Force Band at Ft. Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania

Week 2

SrA Clarissa Tweed from 36th LRS/LGRV at Andersen AFB

SSgt Derek Skelton from 147th ASOS at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base

SrA Daryl Bowden Jr. from 15th AMXS at Offutt AFB

SSgt Connor Remboldt from 190th Air Refueling Wing at Forbes Field ANGB

SSgt Sarah Brice from DINFOS at Fort Meade, MD

Week 3:

SSgt Roberto Hernandez Nieves — 823d Red Horse SQ, stationed at Hurlburt Field in Florida

SrA William Rosado — 1st Combat Camera Squadron, located at JBCharleston in South Carolina

SSgt Kenneth Diaz Figueroa — 143rd Airlift Wing of the Rhode Island Air National Guard

Capt Lindsay Cordero — AFGSC CCX, based out of Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana

TSgt Ashlyn — 69th Cyberspace Squadron, assigned to Schriever Space Force Base in Colorado

Week 4 saw Senior Airman Nina-Sophia Pacheco from the 134 Air Refueling Wing, 572nd Band of the South at McGhee Tyson ANG Base, Technical Sergeant Aaron Evins from AFPC Evaluations/ Recognitions at Randolph AFB, Senior Airman Sarah Porrazza from 4RS/MXAAS at Andersen AFB, Guam, Technical Sergeant Seth Groves from the 434 OSS at Grissom ARB in IN, and Major Kim Panagsagan from USSF/S8 in the Pentagon.

For Week 5, the following individuals are highlighted:

• Senior Airman Jonathan Bell, from the 802d Force Support Squadron at JBSA Lackland Air Force Base

• Airman 1st Class Colton Richards from the 27th SOSS at Cannon Air Force Base

• Captain Cydnee Reese from the 350th ARS at McConnell Air Force Base

• Captain Jacob Bryant from the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

• Airman 1st Class Mandie Simon from the 20 EMS at Shaw Air Force Base

For Week 6, TSgt Nicholas Brown from the 31st Munitions Squadron at Aviano Air Base in Italy, SSgt Erasmus Hartsfield from Andrews AFB, and 2d LT Touacha Her from the 349 AMW at Travis AFB will be featured. Additionally, special bonus episodes will be included.

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