Vintage Playboy and Today’s Tech Accessory Brand Collaborate

Velvet Caviar and Playboy collaborate on tech accessories design.

Velvet Caviar, a female-founded tech accessory brand, has revealed the launch of a collaboration with the well-known lifestyle brand Playboy. The Playboy x Velvet Caviar Capsule Collection is a limited edition and contains five phone cases and various accessories, including a wireless charging pack, ideal for summer trips. This collection is only available for purchase on

“I wanted to capture the playful essence of the brand with images pulled straight from the pages of vintage Playboy magazines” said Michelle Aran, Founder & CEO of Velvet Caviar. “Playboy has always represented fun, freedom, and not having to conform to what women in my culture are “supposed” to be doing. Playboy taught me to be more carefree and spontaneous, to travel, and to live my life to the fullest. This collection was especially inspired by my own wanderlust and love for exploring.”

Michelle Aran, Founder & CEO of Velvet Caviar, noted that she intended to capture the cheerful nature of the brand through images taken directly from vintage Playboy magazines. She believes that Playboy has always exemplified enjoyable experiences, liberation, and not having to comply with the norms of her society. Aran mentions that Playboy taught her to be more lighthearted and impulsive, travel, and savor her life. This collection was mainly motivated by her intense longing for exploration and her love of discovery.

Velvet Caviar is renowned for uniquely combining technology and fashion. They provide quality and protection with their newly-released products. Celebrities have appreciated their signature cases which have been designed to have a classic Playboy cover look and vibrant patterns with the Playboy logo. The items in the collection include a Stick-on Grip for $12.00, Magnetic Phone Grips (MagSafe-compatible) for $25.00, AirPod Cases for $30.00, Battery Packs for $80.00, and phone cases for iPhone & Samsung phones for $45.00.

Further details can be found by visiting or by following the brand on Instagram.

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