2023 Home Decor Bedrosians Tile & Stone Tiles Trends

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From vibrant color trends to the timeless charm of black and white, 2023 is promising for bathroom tile trends. Whether planning a remodel or simply seeking inspiration, this article comprehensively analyzes the upcoming trends sourced from leading home decor experts.

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Bold Colors: Making a Statement

Regarding tiles, 2023 seems to be favoring bold and vibrant colors. Interior designers and trend forecasters anticipate a surge in bold color use, especially in bathroom spaces, aiming to infuse an energetic vibe into the room. From bubblegum pink to a deep magenta and vibrant oranges, the tile color palette of 2023 is expected to be anything but dull.

“Bold color will help infuse your bathroom with lively, playful energy.” – Kureck Jones, Interior Designer

Sleek Wainscoting: A Touch of Elegance

Another trend to watch out for in 2023 is the return of wainscoting. This classic architectural feature adds depth and visual interest to any bathroom. However, instead of traditional wood, the wainscoting of 2023 will be made from sleek tiles, offering a modern twist to this timeless design element.

Bedrosians Tile & Stone

Mosaic Tiles: A Colorful Revival

Colorful mosaic tiles are expected to make a comeback in 2023. According to Nancy Epstein, founder of Artistic Tile, there has been a renewed interest in mosaics, whether in bold single colors or intricate multicolor displays. The possibilities are vast and open to your creativity.

Inspired by majestic landscapes, Montana porcelain brick tiles evoke a sense of tranquility and timeless elegance.

Earth Tones: Embracing Nature’s Palette

In line with the rise of wellness-focused spaces, earth tones are predicted to be famous for bathroom tiles in 2023. Colors inspired by nature evoke a sense of serenity and peace, making them perfect for a relaxing bathroom ambiance.

Geometric Styles: A Test for Creativity

Geometric tilework allows you to express your creativity and make a bold statement. Ruth Foster, an interior designer at Victoria Plum, suggests pairing statement-making tilework with simple furniture for a balanced look.

Black and White: Timeless Classic

The classic combination of black and white is expected to remain a favorite in 2023. According to designer April Gandy, a black-and-white tile bathroom is bold and timeless. When choosing patterns and textures, Gandy advises keeping it simple for a lasting style.

The Role of Tiles in Kitchen Spaces

While bathrooms are a popular space for tiles, kitchens, too, have seen a rise in tile usage. From backsplashes to flooring, tiles add a touch of charm to our cooking spaces. In 2023, expect to see more innovative uses of tiles in kitchens.

The Fireplace: A Tile Masterpiece

Fireplaces, usually the focal point of a living room, can be dramatically enhanced with the right tile design. With a wide array of tile options available, expect to see more fireplace transformations in 2023.

Joyful Pink: A Color Trend to Watch

Pink, often associated with joy and happiness, is predicted to be a popular tile color in 2023. Whether used in small doses or as a dominant shade, pink tiles can add a touch of warmth and cheerfulness to any space.


Santa Fe Style: A Blend of Old and New

Finally, the Santa Fe style, known for its rustic charm and earthy color palette, is expected to influence tile trends in 2023. This style blends the old with the new, often creating a unique and inviting living space.

The tile trends 2023 are diverse and exciting, offering ample room for creativity and personal expression. Whether you prefer the boldness of vibrant colors or the subtlety of earth tones, there’s a trend for everyone. Happy decorating!

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