The Reign of Max: The Unrivaled Champion of Free Streaming Trials in California

Max is the most sought-after streaming free trial in California

A recent study by CSGOLuck ( has illuminated the landscape of streaming services in America, revealing the top contenders in the race for free trials. Max, the streaming giant formerly known as HBO Max, is topping the chart.

The Methodology: A Deep Dive into Google Searches

CSGOLuck’s methodology was rooted in an analysis of Google Keyword Planner data. The study focused on the volume of Google searches associated with the term ‘free trial’ for 50 popular streaming services. The findings were then ranked from highest to lowest based on the search volume. This approach also extended to identifying each state’s five most sought-after free trials.

The Winner: Max

Max emerged as the undisputed champion, with a staggering 193,811 monthly Google searches for “Max free trial” across the United States. The platform’s domination extended across 41 states, including New York, California, Texas, and Colorado. Furthermore, Max is featured in the top five most searched terms across all 50 states.

Jeremy Strong in “Succession” Courtesy of HBO

The Secret to Max’s Success

Max’s popularity can be attributed to its enticing lineup of newly announced titles. Among them are a Max Original Harry Potter series and a spin-off of The Big Bang Theory, Succession series is hugely popular too. Interestingly, despite its high demand, Max does not currently offer a free trial, a decision in place since 2020.


The Runner-Up: Hulu

Hulu was close on Max’s heels, securing second place with an impressive 161,313 average monthly Google searches for “Hulu free trial.” Hulu was the most popular choice for a free trial in nine states, including Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Hampshire. Like Max, Hulu also featured in the top five searches in every state.

Hulu’s Rising Popularity

The surge in Hulu’s popularity coincides with the release of the trailer for the revival of ‘Futurama,’ set to premiere exclusively on Hulu US. Unlike Max, Hulu currently offers a one-month free trial to its customers.

The Third Spot: YouTube TV

Securing the third spot was YouTube TV, with 132,001 monthly searches for “YouTube TV free trial.” This Google-owned platform was in the top five most googled searches for free trials across all states. YouTube TV offers a 7-day free trial to its viewers.

YouTube TV’s Unique Offering

YouTube TV’s high ranking can be traced back to the company’s commitment to sharing a wide range of content with the largest possible audience. The platform is experimenting with automatic AI-powered video dubbing through its research division, ‘Aloud.’

Fourth Place: Peacock

Peacock, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, clinched fourth place with 125,883 monthly searches for “Peacock free trial.” Despite not offering a free trial for premium content, Peacock made it to the top five searches in every state, thanks to its free-with-ads tier.

Fifth Place: Netflix

Netflix secured fifth place with 85,206 monthly searches for “Netflix free trial.” While it doesn’t currently offer a free trial, Netflix has been making waves with its pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles, ‘NETFLIX BITES,’ featuring the talents of beloved Netflix chefs.

Other Contenders

Disney+ took the sixth spot, with “Disney Plus free trial” searched 60,844 times per month. Starz placed seventh with 60,132 searches for “Starz free trial.” ESPN+ ranked eighth with 37,425 monthly searches for “ESPN Plus free trial.” FuboTV and Paramount+ secured the ninth and tenth spots, respectively.

The decline in subscriber numbers across various platforms hints at possible ‘streaming fatigue’ among American users, according to a spokesperson for CSGOLuck. Many customers can’t afford multiple subscriptions and opt for free trials to access exclusive content. This trend has led several providers to replace free trials with ad-subsidized models.

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