Vera Wang’s 2023 Bridal Collection: A Fusion of Classic Elegance & Contemporary Edginess

Vera Wang, a name synonymous with luxury bridal fashion, has once again made a bold statement with her latest bridal collection for 2023. Teaming up with Pronovias, the designer is chiseling a new path in the bridal industry by blending classic aesthetics with modern trends.

Vera Wang showing the SABELA wedding dress. Photos courtesy of Vera Wang.

The collection, comprising 54 gowns, is a beautiful fusion of Wang’s inimitable fashion language and today’s “It” girl’s fashion preferences.

MELIORA-photo courtesy of Vera Wang

The Inspiration Behind the Collection

Drawing inspiration from the streamlined dress she created for Hailey Bieber’s wedding reception, Wang pivoted from her previous collection’s romantic, Bridgerton vibes to something more Gen Z.

“I have to say that with this particular collection that there is a new sense of freedom, which makes it a little bit different from the previous one,” said Vera Wang to SW newsmag via email. “I wanted to step it up a little bit in terms of the concept because I think it’s a young world today and we are living in a joyful, happy, and celebratory moment. This collection is about that. It’s about skin. It’s about fun. It’s about everything that I think young people are feeling right now”, she added.

Vera Wang Bride Collection 2023

Image Source: Courtesy of Vera Wang

A Fresh Take on Bridal Fashion

The collection is not just about the dresses. Wang has also made a bold statement with the campaign, styling the looks herself and focusing on footwear and accessories. Even the male models are seen rocking pearl necklaces with their suits – a nod to Harry Styles.

Artisan-made accessories also play a prominent role in Vera Wang Bride 2023. From detachable peasant sleeves and opera gloves to Elizabethan-style ruffled collars and bibs, new add-ons allow brides to transform even the most minimal styles.

 “What I tried to do this time is creating accessories that can personalize your wedding dress when and how you want,” says Wang.

Vera Wang Bride Collection 2023

Image Source: Courtesy of Vera Wang

“It’s very young and it’s re-purposeful,” Wang tells InStyle. “A lot of the dresses are very designed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them again or can’t loan them again. Obviously, there are few ball gowns, but even those have more of a modernity, a lightness to them. I love this whole campaign. I styled it with Birkenstocks. I styled it with Prada white, lug-sole boots. I did real sneakers, from the Keds Original to the Nike Air Force 1. I think it was very, very forward to do in bridal.”



Breaking the Norms with Outerwear

Vera Wang also redefines bridal outerwear by giving hoodies her approval.

“It’s almost like wearing your husband’s tuxedo jacket over [your dress].”

Vera Wang Bride Collection 2023

Image Source:Courtesy of Vera Wang

The Athleisure Influence in Bridalwear

Wang’s new collection is about more than just style. It’s about introducing new concepts into the bridal industry. The designer, who once told InStyle, she was the “mother of leggings,” has successfully brought an athleisure touch to bridalwear.

“Women right now are reconsidering what bridal means,” says Wang to SW newsmag, referring to the current mood for unorthodox looks and ‘secondary’ bridal dresses for the wedding celebration. “I think we’ve done everything possible to create a wide range of looks with this collection, which I hope will appeal to so many different brides everywhere.”

Vera Wang Bride Collection 2023

Image Source: Courtesy of Vera Wang

Shaking Up the Fashion Industry

Vera Wang, known for her edgy designs and fearless approach to fashion, has never shied away from taking risks and shaking up the industry.

“I think people associate me with being pretty edgy,” she says. “They like to throw in that I’m 73 — that comes with the turf right now. But I really am a fashion girl. And the way I style things, the way I put things together, that’s from my days when I was a Vogue editor. So, I like to incorporate all that knowledge, all that relevance, and all that study into a business that’s quite traditional. And I love new things. But I’ve always been fearless about it.”

Vera Wang Bride Collection 2023

Image Source: Courtesy of Vera Wang

Shopping the Collection

To shop the Vera Wang Bride 2023 collection, potential customers must book an appointment via But if wedding bells aren’t ringing yet or these dresses don’t match your style, there’s no need to worry. Vera Wang has already begun working on her next collection, part of a 10-year deal with Pronovias.

“That’s going to be another very different statement,” she teases.


Photo: Main image features Silana dress.

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