Fisker Inc. Enters the EV Market with Limited Edition of The Fisker Ocean One

The Fisker Ocean One is the first-ever vehicle launched by Fisker, with only 5,000 units produced.
Image: Fisker Ocean Force E

In a groundbreaking move, Fisker Inc. entered the electric vehicle (EV) market with their first-ever vehicle, the Fisker Ocean One. With a mission to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable electric vehicles, Fisker has set out to revolutionize the automotive industry. The Fisker Ocean One is not only an exceptional electric SUV, but it also embodies Fisker’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and exceptional design. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable vehicle and explore how it is set to make waves in the EV industry.

A Sustainable Off-Roading Adventure: The Fisker Ocean Force E

Fisker is determined to bring zero emissions to the off-roading world with the Fisker Ocean Force E. This off-road package is designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a sustainable way to experience the great outdoors without the negative environmental impact associated with traditional internal combustion vehicles. The Force E package can be ordered at the time of purchase or added to the Fisker Ocean at a later date. It will be available on the Fisker Ocean One and Extreme trim levels.

Some of the key features of the Force E package include 33-inch tires on 20-inch wheels, specialized dampers, skid plates, and underbody protection. The package also includes an off-road mode that will be delivered via over-the-air (OTA) update. This update will enhance the off-road performance powertrain settings, allowing drivers to tackle any terrain with ease. The Fisker Ocean Force E is scheduled to be available in Q1 2024, with pricing to be announced on the Fisker Inc. website when reservations open.

Image: Fisker Ocean Force E
Image: Fisker Ocean Force E

Reserve Today the Fisker Alaska: The World’s Most Sustainable Pickup Truck

Fisker’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond SUVs with the introduction of the Fisker Alaska, the world’s most sustainable pickup truck. This innovative vehicle combines the features of a mid-size pickup with the capabilities of a full-size, offering unrivaled versatility. The Fisker Alaska showcases an innovative bed design that expands from 4.5 to 9.2 feet, thanks to a Houdini partition behind the rear seats. This expandable bed design provides owners with the flexibility they need for any hauling task.

The Fisker Alaska will be manufactured in the United States, further emphasizing Fisker’s dedication to supporting local economies. With an expected base price of $45,400, the Fisker Alaska aims to make sustainable electric pickup trucks accessible to a wider audience. It will be offered with two battery pack options, 75 kWh and 113 kWh, providing a range of 230-340 miles. The Fisker Alaska is expected to go into production in Q1 2025, and interested customers can reserve the vehicle on the Fisker Inc. website.

Image: Fisker Alaska Pickup Truck
Image: Fisker Alaska Pickup Truck


The Fisker Lounge Experience: Showcasing Sustainability and Innovation

To provide customers with an immersive and educational experience, Fisker has opened flagship Fisker Lounges in strategic locations. These Lounges serve as a hub for customers to explore and learn about Fisker’s vehicles, including the Fisker Ocean and Fisker Alaska. One such flagship Lounge is located at The Grove in Los Angeles.

The Fisker Lounge at The Grove offers customers the opportunity to not only experience the Fisker Ocean but also learn about sustainability from vehicle design to end-of-use. Visual displays throughout the Lounge showcase Fisker’s commitment to integrating sustainability into every aspect of their vehicles. Customers can get a hands-on experience with the Fisker Ocean, appreciating its innovative design, features, and the use of recycled materials. The Lounge is designed with Fisker’s core values of design, innovation, and sustainability in mind, creating a captivating environment for visitors.

Expanding Fisker Lounges: A Global Presence

Fisker has ambitious plans to expand its Fisker Lounge and Centers+ locations across North America and Europe. These expansion efforts aim to bring the Fisker experience to customers worldwide, providing them with the opportunity to engage with Fisker’s products and learn about the brand’s sustainable approach to mobility. By establishing a global presence, Fisker aims to inspire and educate individuals about the benefits of electric vehicles and the importance of sustainable transportation solutions.

Test Drive the Future: Experiencing the Fisker Ocean at Fisker Lounges

Fisker invites customers to schedule test drives of the Fisker Ocean both in-store at The Grove Lounge and online. This allows potential buyers to experience the extraordinary performance, handling, and comfort of the Fisker Ocean firsthand. By providing test drive opportunities, Fisker aims to bridge the gap between curiosity and confidence, allowing customers to make informed decisions about their next vehicle purchase.

Fisker Ocean interior

The Fisker Ocean is not just an electric SUV; it represents a new era of sustainable and emotional electric vehicles. With a range of up to 340 miles and an estimated base price starting at $45,400, the Fisker Ocean offers a compelling option for environmentally conscious drivers. The Fisker Lounge experience, combined with the opportunity to test drive the Fisker Ocean, allows customers to fully immerse themselves in Fisker’s vision of a clean and sustainable future.

Fisker’s Electric Revolution

With the introduction of the Fisker Ocean One and the Fisker Alaska, Fisker Inc. is leading the charge in the electric vehicle revolution. These vehicles showcase Fisker’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and exceptional design. By combining cutting-edge technology with a focus on sustainability, Fisker is positioning itself as a major player in the EV industry.

The Fisker Lounges provide customers with a unique opportunity to engage with the brand, experience the vehicles, and learn about the future of mobility. Fisker’s expansion plans for the Lounges demonstrate their dedication to providing exceptional customer experiences and spreading the message of sustainability on a global scale.

As Fisker continues to push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology, the world can expect more groundbreaking news and innovations from this forward-thinking company. The Fisker Ocean One and Fisker Alaska are just the beginning of Fisker’s journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.

Photos credit: Fisker Inc.

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