Product Review: DNA Vibe Intelligent Light Therapy. Does it work?

SWNews mag fitness editor puts to test the DNA Vibe's patent pending technology

SWNews mag fitness editor has dived deep into the world of DNA Vibe Intelligent Light Therapy. This innovative therapy device reduces pain, enhances performance, and accelerates aching joints and muscle recovery. Using a combination of red and near-infrared light, magnets, and micro-vibration, DNA Vibe aims to provide a drug-free solution for inflammation and pain relief. Join us as we explore the specifications, design, features, and effectiveness of the DNA Vibe patent-pending Jazz Band Vibe light therapy device.

Specifications and Design

The DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe is a compact oval-shaped therapy device housed in a neoprene cover. It features a short power cable with a magnetic connector, reminiscent of Apple’s MagSafe cable. This connector allows a quick and easy connection to the power adapter, providing a tethered experience during therapy sessions. However, DNA Vibe offers a Cordless Power Pack as an optional accessory for those seeking wireless use.

The device boasts a power output of 2 Watts, with optimized minimum work for efficient therapy sessions. It utilizes red light with a wavelength range of 650 nm – 675 nm, near-infrared light with a wavelength range of 825 nm – 850 nm, magnetic signals with a strength of 45-55 micro Tesla, and micro-vibration at 225 Hz. The DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe is designed to be versatile, allowing it to be used on various body parts such as ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, necks, and backs.

Features and Functionality

To control the DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe Light Therapy Device, users must download the DNA Vibe app on their smartphones. The app provides a user-friendly interface, allowing customization of therapy sessions. Users can set timers, adjust the intensity of red and near-infrared light, toggle the magnetic signals, and control the micro-vibration feature. DNA Vibe recommends using the device twice daily for 20-30 minutes for optimal results. We were unsuccessful in connecting the app to the device and used it without the connection.

How to Use DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe

Using the DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe is a simple process. The device is wrapped around the desired body part that requires therapy, such as the hand, arm, elbow, or shoulder. The device is secured in place using the included elastic Velcro straps. It is essential to ensure that the body part is bare and that the Vibe is positioned against the specific area that requires treatment.

Our fitness editor tested the DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe Light Therapy device on two different body parts: the elbow and the hand. The editor experienced mild tendonitis in the elbow due to prolonged desk work and arthritis-like inflammation in the thumb near the wrist. After a 30-minute session with the Vibe, the editor noticed a significant reduction in pain in the elbow. Encouraged by these results, the editor continued using the Vibe on the hand for 20-30 minutes daily for two weeks. Fortunately, an improvement was observed in the swelling or pain in the hand.

Effectiveness and Results

While the DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe may relieve some individuals with joint and muscle pain, it is essential to note that results may vary. The effectiveness of light therapy, including red and near-infrared light, in reducing inflammation and promoting recovery has been supported by industry research and clinical trials. However, individual experiences may differ based on the severity and underlying cause of the pain. It is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using any therapy device.

Pros and Cons


  • Portability, allowing therapy sessions anywhere
  • Customization of therapy sessions through the app
  • Drug-free alternative for pain relief
  • 60-day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction
  • Many positive testimonials from users
  • Our fitness editor saw a pain reduction in the elbow and hand pain caused by inflammation.


  • Higher price compared to similar products on the market
  • Individual results may vary
  • Limited evidence to support improvements in inflammation
  • Unable to connect the app to iPhone via bluetooth.

Final Thoughts

The DNA Vibe Jazz Band Vibe offers a potential solution for individuals seeking non-invasive and drug-free pain relief. While our fitness editor experienced positive results in reducing elbow and hand pain, the device’s effectiveness for arthritis-like inflammation in the hand was limited. It is essential to consider individual circumstances and consult with a healthcare professional before trying any therapy device. DNA Vibe provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing customers to explore the device’s potential benefits without risk.

Note that SWNews mag did not receive payments for this post but received a device for testing.

Photo credit courtesy of DNA Vibe company.

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