Reflection of a Travel Blogger on Four Days at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge

If a business's heart is its staff, its soul is its location, and UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge has an abundance of both.


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Cradled by the majestic San Bernardino Mountains of San Bernardino County, California, featuring a panoramic view of Lake Arrowhead, the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge, formerly only open to alums, is now available to the general public; this haven of hospitality surpasses all expectations and holds a cherished spot in the anecdotes of my travels.

UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge Unveils its Charms to the Public

Nestled amidst the beautiful landscapes and serene waters of Lake Arrowhead, the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge is a perfect retreat for solo travelers, couples, families, and conference attendees. I am a travel enthusiast and recently spent four wonderful days here with my family. Let me tell you about our experience at this mountain destination, where we enjoyed the Lodge’s cozy accommodations, delicious dining options, exciting recreational activities, and more. It truly is a hidden gem!

Enchanting Arrival and Seamlessness at Check-In

When I arrived at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge, the staff warmly welcomed me and made the check-in process easy. The Lodge’s location is beautiful, surrounded by tall trees and a peaceful lake that instantly made me feel calm and relaxed, away from daily life’s constant hustle and bustle.

Zen Deck

Revel in Recreation: A Plethora of Ageless Pursuits

Looking for an exciting outdoor getaway? Look no further than UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge! There’s something for everyone here with a range of activities and amenities. Whether you’re into fitness or want to kick back and relax, you’ll find plenty of options on the lush green lawn or at the pool.


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Take a scenic hike, glide across the shimmering waters in a kayak, or unwind in the jacuzzi. The Lodge’s friendly staff is always on hand to offer personalized recommendations for exploring the area. Don’t forget to ask for their expert advice!

Accommodations: Cozy Chalets with Mountain Views

 The lodgings at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge were snug, rustic, and comfortable, ideal for unwinding. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom chalets with fireplaces and private decks provided the perfect retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. The rustic design elements with artwork of the Lodge throughout the decades created a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the windows offered views of the mountains and a peek at the Lake. Each chalet’s attention to detail and comfort made us feel at home. If you are noise or smell-sensitive, I recommend that you request accommodations the furthest from the main Lodge as you may be inconvenienced by conference guests conglomerating outside the Lodge at all-night hours and the fan noise and smells from the main kitchen area. Also, if you plan to fire up your unit’s gas fireplace, ask the staff to start it off for security reasons.

Culinary Enchantment: A Gastronomic Symphony of Delights 

Andres Garcia, the sous chef for UCLA Hospitality, places great importance on using fresh ingredients, light sauces, and visually appealing presentations for each dish. At the Lodge, guests can enjoy three delectable meals every day at specific times. The anticipation is heightened by the ringing of a bell to signal meal service. The overall experience is designed to delight the senses. From breakfast to dinner, the menu had options to suit any palate or dietary restriction. Using locally sourced ingredients made the experience even more unique, ensuring every dish was fresh and flavorful. The dining room staff was highly attentive and added an extra touch of refinement to the meal. I recommend letting the booking agent know of dietary preferences, as the kitchen staff is happy to accommodate.

Sample menu at lake arrowhead lodge
Sample menu

I expressed my dislike for kale during one meal and was pleasantly surprised when the staff replaced the kale salad on the evening menu with a delicious salad tailored to my liking. The Lodge’s dedication to guest satisfaction is genuinely unparalleled.

Lake Arrowhead History Walk: An Immersion in Nature’s Tapestry 

Embark on an innovative adventure that blends modern technology with traditional storytelling. You can now explore the expansive 50-acre property of UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge using your smart device. Follow the map provided and scan the QR codes to experience immersive tales of the region’s history, including the founding of Lake Arrowhead and UCLA’s ties to the historic North Shore Tavern. Along the way, discover fascinating facts about the native fish, flora, and fauna that call this area home.

On-Site Amenities: Convenience at Your Fingertips

The UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge offers various on-site amenities to improve the guest experience. Guests can stay connected with the complimentary Wi-Fi, and the business center provides a convenient space for work-related tasks. The Lodge has a pool, tennis courts, and a 24-hour fitness center to energize guests during their stay. Moreover, a laundry room and complimentary parking add convenience and comfort to the Lodge.

Sustainability Efforts: A Commitment to the EnvironmentAs someone who supports sustainable travel, I was delighted to discover that UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge is devoted to protecting the environment. The Lodge has implemented numerous sustainability practices, such as energy-efficient methods, waste reduction techniques, and water conservation strategies. Incorporating eco-friendly initiatives into their operations demonstrates their determination to maintain the area’s natural splendor and reduce environmental impact.


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Service and Staff: Exceeding Expectations

During my four-day stay, the service and staff at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge consistently exceeded my expectations. The friendly and attentive team went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of my stay was exceptional. Their commitment to guest satisfaction was evident from recommending local attractions to promptly addressing requests or concerns. The genuine warmth and hospitality of the staff added a personal touch to the overall experience. My stay was nothing short of extraordinary. The breathtaking surroundings, cozy accommodations, delectable dining options, and endless recreational activities made for an unforgettable stay. The Lodge’s commitment to sustainability and exceptional service enhanced the overall experience. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat, a family getaway, or a venue for conferences and events, UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge is perfect. I highly recommend this hidden gem for your next adventure.

Kudos to the following individuals for their outstanding service and dedication to ensure our stay was an enjoyable one: Brady Wade, who served as the Project Manager and Maintenance/Grounds Supervisor; Anna Turner, the Guest Experience Manager; John Capella, who held the role of Director of Food and Beverage; Brittany Gilliland, the Event Specialist; and Andres Garcia, who worked as the Sous Chef for UCLA Hospitality and all the excellent dining room staff.


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