Discover Your Sleep Oasis with Prossioni’s Collection of Organic Bedding Essentials

SW Newsmagazine recommends the Swedish bedding brand for a dreamy night of sleep.

Ever feel like you’re tossing and turning all night, struggling to find that perfect position to drift off into a deep slumber? Maybe it’s time for a bedding upgrade. Investing in high-quality sheets and bedding from PROSSIONI® will transform your bed into a sleep oasis. Their organic cotton is as soft as a cloud and as cozy as a warm hug. You’ll never want to leave your bed once you slide between those buttery-soft sateen sheets.

Prossioni, a Swedish company established by Fredrik Kempe, has developed an innovative technology that uses NordShield Crisp to extend the freshness of everyday textiles. NordShield Crisp is a linen treatment made from natural wood extractives that creates a smooth, invisible, molecular-thin layer over bedclothes. This layer reduces linting and deterioration, which helps to keep the bedclothes fresh and clean for longer.

PROSSIONI® Boutique Hotel Sateen

One of the key elements of top-quality bedding is the choice of materials and their sourcing. At PROSSIONI®, GOTS-certified organic Fairtrade cotton is our golden standard.

Prossioni: Luxury Bedding Made from the Finest and Sustainable Fabrics

After testing Prossioni bedding for four weeks, SW Newsmagazine reports that Prossioni is redefining luxury bedding. Their boutique hotel sateen sheet set feels like sleeping on a cloud. The long-staple cotton is irresistibly soft and luminous yet durable. The fitted sheet fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep and has elastic all around for a perfect fit.

PROSSIONI® Hotel Sateen Set

The luxury experience begins with delivering the bedding set in a gift wrap tube. As you slide the set out of the tube, you’ll notice it’s not just any ordinary linen. The bedding is presented with black ribbons, adding to the luxurious feel of the set.  The tube design is exclusive to Prossioni and made of biodegradable craft paper with a print made of 100% vegetable ink, which breaks the industry standard and requires fewer resources for shipping.

You can’t beat Prossioni’s organic bedding essentials for the ultimate sleep sanctuary. Prossioni helps you craft a little slice of paradise right in your bedroom, from their cloud-like sheets to cozy duvet covers and beach cottage-inspired sets. Treat yourself to affordable luxury and sleep the night away, wrapped in softness.

Finding Your Sleep Oasis With Prossioni’s Organic Cotton Linen

Prossioni logo
Look for Prossioni trademark label.

Finding Your Sleep Oasis With Prossioni’s Organic Cotton Linen

If you’re hunting for gentle bedding on your skin and the planet, look no further than Prossioni. Their 100% organic cotton and linen bedding sets are made from sustainable, hypoallergenic materials that regulate temperature so you sleep soundly all night.

Prossioni’s Boutique Hotel Sateen sheet set feels like sleeping on a cloud. The 300-thread count organic cotton is luminous yet durable, with a luxurious drape and hand that gets softer with every wash. Tight-fitting elastic corners ensure the fitted sheet stays snugly in place as you slumber. With a variety of neutral hues to choose from, finding sheets to match your decor is a breeze.

Snuggle under Prossioni’s linen duvet cover and matching shams for the ultimate indulgence. The textured 100% European flax linen is lightweight yet cozy, ideal for hot summer nights. Pair it with a cotton mattress protector and fitted sheet for temperature regulation and moisture-wicking comfort.

Boutique Hotel Sateen: Affordable Luxury Bedding

Once you experience the luxurious softness of Prossioni’s Boutique Hotel Sateen bedding, you’ll never want to sleep on anything else. This high-quality yet affordable sheet set will transform your bedroom into a cozy sleep oasis.

Unparalleled Softness

Made of lightweight cotton sateen, a lustrous and silky fabric, the Boutique Hotel Sateen sheets caress your skin for a heavenly night’s rest. The 300 thread count and luminous sheen provide a smooth, cool feel that is perfect for warm summer nights.

Tailored Fit

The fitted sheet features thick elastic edging all around that grips your mattress securely for a tailored look. Choose from king, queen, full, or twin bed sizes to find your perfect fit. The flat sheets and pillowcases have tailored edges that won’t fray over time with use and washing.

Quality Guarantee

Prossioni’s lifetime guarantee ensures the highest quality and artistry. Thanks to the premium long-staple cotton, these sheets maintain their softness and luster even after many washes. For an affordable taste of luxury, you can’t go wrong with the Prossioni Boutique Hotel Sateen bedding collection. Once you experience their comfort, your search for the perfect sheet set will be over.

Boutique Hotel Sateen Sheet Set

These buttery-soft sheets caress your skin with a luminous sateen weave made of long-staple, organic cotton. The fitted sheet’s deep pockets and elasticized edge ensure a snug yet comfortable fit on mattresses up to 15 inches deep. Choose from muted solids like stonewashed ivory or sea mist gra,y or opt for the seaside-themed Santorini print in aqua and white. The quality far surpasses the price at $95 for a queen set.PROSSIONI® Beach House Linnen

Beach House Linen

Evoking sun-drenched summer days by the shore, the Beach House linen collection features breezy, textured linen in coastal CRISP WHITE, CALACATTA GRAY and sand MOSCATO GEIGE.

With Prossioni’s luxurious yet affordable bedding essentials, you’ll be drifting off to sleep in no time,e surrounded by softness and style.

Seasonal Sales

Prossioni frequently runs sales around major holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday. Discounts of up to 50% off are standard during these seasonal sales. Sign up for Prossioni’s mailing list to get notifications about upcoming promotions and the latest coupon codes.

Whether you take advantage of a sitewide discount code or bundled savings or wait for a seasonal sale, you’ll be well on your way to the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Prossioni’s luxurious bedding, made from organic and sustainably sourced materials, provides an oasis of comfort to help you drift off into peaceful slumber. Using a promo code makes it that much sweeter.

One of the key elements of top-quality bedding is the choice of materials and their sourcing. At PROSSIONI®, GOTS-certified organic Fairtrade cotton is our golden standard.
Experience the difference in comfort and quality with PROSSIONI® bedding.

“At PROSSIONI®, we believe that the key to top-quality bedding lies in the choice of materials and their sourcing. That’s why we use only GOTS-certified organic Fairtrade cotton – our golden standard,” Fredrik Kempe told the SW Newsmagazine.

Prossioni is bringing luxury home textiles with a European sensibility to America. Their boutique hotel sateen bedding collection offers the softest, most luminous sheets that comfortably drape your body. Made from long-staple Egyptian cotton, these 300-thread-count sheets provide a silky hand feel at an affordable price.

Prossioni’s linen pillowcases are available in standard and king sizes for $220 to complete your bedroom oasis. These naturally breathable pillowcases keep you cool through the night and come in versatile solids that complement any decor.

Prossioni’s bedding essentials turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat, from luxe sheets to cozy duvets and pillows. Their high-quality, sustainably made textiles offer comfort and style without breaking the bank.

Oasis of Sleep

So there you have it – an oasis of sleep, comfort, and luxury can be yours. With Prossioni’s organic bedding essentials, you’ll quickly transform your bedroom into a personal retreat and slip into slumber. Their premium sheets, duve, ts, and pillows are made from the finest natural materials and expertly tailored to pamper you through the night. You can’t go wrong att prices that won’t break the bang. What are you waiting for? Your sleep oasis awaits at Sweet dreams!

Prossioni offers a wide selection of high-quality bedding essentials for an affordable price. Their European-inspired designs are crafted with comfort and luxury, using natural and sustainable materials. Here are a few other highlights of their collection:

Prossioni’s bedding lineup offers the essentials to transform your bedroom into an oasis for relaxation – all at a price that won’t break the bank. Their European aesthetic shines through in the natural materials, simple yet stylish designs, and attention to comfort and quality craftsmanship.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your sleep sanctuary, start shopping for Prossioni’s organic bedding collection today. Their luxurious linens and accessories will have you drifting off in no time, comfortably wrapped in your private sleep oasis.


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