“TURKEY PINKY PANTS” Takes Flight on YouTube: A Feathered Adventure for All Ages


Los Angeles, CA, March 9, 2024 – “TURKEY PINKY PANTS” fans, rejoice! The beloved animated series has officially landed on YouTube, bringing its feathered fun to screens worldwide. Pinky Pants Productions, LLC, renowned for its innovative and captivating content, proudly unveils the launch of the official YouTube channel.

Led by Executive Producer and creator Emmanuel (Manny) Sampene, Pinky Pants Productions, LLC, has made it its mission to deliver top-notch storytelling and visual excellence. Joining Sampene on this journey are Animation Director Bradley J. Krause and Directing Animator Sivakumar Krishnamoorthy, the creative geniuses who have breathed life into the colorful world of “TURKEY PINKY PANTS.” 

Krause told SW News,

“Helping to create Turkey Pinky Pants has been a genuine artists’ dream come true for me. After years of honing every aspect of my craft on corporate work – writing, storyboarding, animatic creation, character animation, composition, scene creation, and management – I count myself as incredibly lucky to be able to use all of these skills in bringing such a sweet, weird and fun series to life.”

Turkey Pinky Pants Official Poster.
Turkey Pinky Pants Official Poster. Copyright Pinky Pants Production, LLC.

Sampene told SW News,

“As the Executive Producer of “TURKEY PINKY PANTS,” seeing our beloved characters come to life on the YouTube platform is thrilling but is only a first step. This channel will entertain audiences and provide a glimpse into the series’ creative process, showcasing our talented team’s dedication and passion.

Source of Inspiration

SWNews discovered that the series has bigger plans than just entertaining young and old alike.

When the magazine asked Sampene about the source of inspiration and its hope for the future, Sampene said,​​“As silly as it sounds, the show originated from bedtime stories I tell my children. When the stories made the kids laugh uncontrollably, I knew I had struck on something special.” I produced the series to pay homage to my dear mother, who passed away unexpectedly two years ago, to provide affordable housing developments across Africa but start with Ghana, my home country.” The Executive Producer plans to share an undisclosed profit percentage to support this mission.

Giving Back to the Source

Sampene added,

“I believe TURKEY PINKY PANTS has broad cultural appeal. The series has been masterfully crafted to address complex issues that often plague a civil society, especially a nascent one. The episodes amplify these issues using clean humor. This approach is the heart and soul driving the show. We hope to be picked by a network or streaming platform, and we can’t wait for the world to adopt this beloved show.”

The TURKEY PINKY PANTS YouTube channel promises a delightful feast for fans of all ages.

From side-splitting antics to heartwarming moments, subscribers can immerse themselves in the whimsical world of “TURKEY PINKY PANTS” and get to know the vibrant cast of characters and voice artists:

– Miranda Beadle as Miriam

– Devin Cook

– Jana Cook

– Lily Cook as Lily

– Will Cook

– Joel Eckhardt as “TURKEY PINKY PANTS”

– Bradley J. Krause as Kwaku and Miscellaneous

– Eli Sampene

-Micah Sampene

– Miriam Sampene

– Lawrence Waxmann as Mike

Creative Flow

When asked about his creative process, Krause told the newsmagazine, “My creative process revolves around re-approaching every primary task at different points in the creative process.  I re-read, re-draw, re-write, and re-animate everything multiple times so that these creative tasks can be completed on time rather than later when they are more time-consuming and expensive.

I love taking a simple idea and gilding layer upon layer of integrated complexity and dependency in a 3-act story structure. The goal is to start with a simple, genuine human concept and create a believable, dramatic, and humorous story around it that everyone can identify with and find themselves within.”

Stay updated on “TURKEY PINKY PANTS” festival screenings and the latest news by visiting the IMDB page at the TURKEY PINKY PANTS IMDb Page.

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