Embark on a Wild Adventure with Turkey Pinky Pants: A Comedy-Drama Series

Join the Adventure: Turkey Pinky Pants Seeks Investors to Expand Its Whimsical World.

Los Angeles, California —Producers of the hit 3D-animated series “Turkey Pinky Pants” seek further investors to propel their beloved show’s whimsical world. Created and produced by Emmanuel Sampene and directed by Brad Krause, “Turkey Pinky Pants” offers viewers a delightful blend of humor and heartfelt storytelling while tackling critical social issues. It is presently available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/@TurkeyPinkyPants-OfficialChann.


Set in an alternate 1950s time and culture, “Turkey Pinky Pants” follows the adventures of its eponymous hero and his six recruits as they undergo outrageous training exercises to protect their secret island homeland from Earth’s human population, particularly their creator, Gordon, the Turkey Farmer. Through a mix of slapstick humor and clever narratives, the series delves into themes such as social conformity, crime, class warfare, racism, and more, providing a lighthearted yet thought-provoking viewing experience.

Approximately 6 to 9 minutes in length, each episode originated from bedtime stories Emmanuel shared with his children. The series serves as both an homage to his late mother, who died suddenly in 2021, and a philanthropic endeavor to fund affordable housing development in Ghana, Africa. Turkey Pinky Pants boasts universal appeal despite its American origins, featuring characters with diverse backgrounds and facial characteristics and creating a vibrant setting for audiences worldwide.

What sets Turkey Pinky Pants apart is its commitment to character development and cinematic storytelling. Unlike traditional animated series, the characters evolve noticeably throughout the story arcs, offering viewers a dynamic and engaging narrative experience. With parallel plotlines, emotive music, and lighting, each episode is crafted to captivate and entertain audiences of all ages.

Bull and Turkey Pinky Pants
Bull and Turkey Pinky Pants

Currently available on YouTube and showcased at prestigious film festivals like Asifa and Hollywood Cinemagic, “Turkey Pinky Pants” seeks investors or streaming service partners to continue its journey and introduce the series to a broader audience.

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