Sonesta Hotel in Emeryville: A Comprehensive Review

Unveiling the Sonesta Hotel in Emeryville: A Candid Evaluation

During our recent stay at the Sonesta Hotel in Emeryville, California, we experienced a range of service issues that highlight significant areas for improvement. Despite these challenges, there were some positive aspects worth noting. This review aims to provide a balanced and professional overview of the visit.

Dining area.

Booking Complications

The booking process via the hotel’s app proved problematic. We encountered duplicate charges, and missing reservations which caused unnecessary stress and confusion. Resolving these issues with Guest Care before arrival was challenging, and the situation remained unresolved until we addressed it directly at the front desk. It took weeks to be resolved.

Business center.

Check-In and Check-out Experience

Upon arrival, the check-in experience was less than welcoming. The desk clerk who greeted us did not address us warmly—there was a noticeable lack of eye contact and smiles. The magazine inquired with multiple guests about their check-in experience and reported an unsatisfactory one. Additionally, we noticed that one front-desk staff member was dressed inappropriately in black jeans, which detracted from the professional atmosphere expected at a hotel of this caliber.

Common Area

The response was grossly inadequate when we reported a spill in the kitchen area and a dirty microwave oven. The front desk clerk, identified as Renee, who again, never lift her eyes from her screen, indicated that she would inform the cleaning crew the following day. We emphasized the need for immediate attention, to which she curtly replied, “If you are unsatisfied, you may let Customer Care know. They will be in tomorrow,” and begin loudly spelling her name one letter at a time.This low level of customer service is unacceptable.

Before departing, at the suggestion of a friendly clerk who thought sharing our impressions of the hotel might be helpful, we agreed to speak with the hotel manager on duty; the clerk told us that he would be available shortly. We informed the clerk that we would wait for the manager at the outdoor patio. We waited in vain. He never showed up. Not good.

The upgraded Corner Room is listed as larger. View from the 9th floor

Room Maintenance Issues

The issues extended to our upgraded room, where we experienced an overflowed toilet. Despite requesting housekeeping services in the morning, the situation remained unresolved when we returned six hours later. The staff had not replaced the towels that we had used to wipe and cleaned the floor. In other words, the housekeeping request had been ignored. This neglect forced us to clean the floor, which is not the standard one expects from a reputable hotel, or any hotel, for that matter.

Positive Aspects

Scenic View

On a more positive note, our corner upgraded corner room had a lovely view of the Bay Area with a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance and a comfortable bed.

Also, the restaurant staff was delightful and professional and seemed to enjoy working with the public. The bartender, Ana, particularly stood out with her excellent strawberry margarita. Additionally, the hotel’s location is convenient, providing easy access to various attractions in the San Francisco Bay area.

Swimming pool.

It is also worth mentioning that some front desk clerks were friendly and professional, though this was not consistently the case.

The Sonesta Hotel in Emeryville has significant potential but is currently hindered by inconsistent service and insufficient staff training. For the hotel to reach its full potential, a stronger focus on customer service, cleanliness, and staff professionalism is necessary. Also, the hotel app needs to be debugged immediately.

While there are positive elements, such as the commendable restaurant staff and convenient location, the overall experience was marred by service shortcomings. Future improvements could make the Sonesta a more attractive option for travelers. Until then, prospective guests should weigh these considerations carefully before booking a reservation at the Sonesta Emeryville location.

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