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Welcome to The Scope Weekly.

The Scope Weekly is a national digital business magazine for the entrepreneur and the inquiring mind launched in 2017 by Anne Howard, the founder of the AH Marketing Group. The magazine is located in Santa Cruz, California with reporters across the U.S. and Canada and covers national entrepreneurial and cultural news.

We are committed to bringing relevant and current news that will not only inform you but also entertain and express a certain joie de vivre.  

The Scope Weekly, led by Anne Howard (formerly the Editor at HollywoodToday and a tech reporter at VatorTV and other outlets), is one of two digital publications launched by the AH Marketing Group.

All stories are listed by Apple News, Google News, and Bing News and usually rank among the top ten stories on the first page. Facts matter to us, and we check our sources.

We are accepting articles from contributors, just make sure to read the guidelines here. We are also taking product reviews and ICO reviews and Blockchain news.

To view the stats, download the media kit.

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For news tips, editor @ scopeweekly.com

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