Author: Alexander Marais

On Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson’s ‘Ghost Stories’: A Slice of UK Jewish Horror

The Scope Weekly covers the new British horror import ‘Ghost Stories’, speaking with its composer, Haim Frank Ilfman. Read More

Cousins Maine Lobster’s Inspirational Book: Speaking with Sabin Lomac and Jim Tselikis

The duo behind the seafood enterprise talks about the release of their new book: How One Food Truck Became a Multi-Million-Dollar Business. Read More

you were never really here

Enigmatic Affinity: Realizing ‘You Were Never Really Here’ from Book to the Big Screen

Exclusive interview: The Scope Weekly speaks with Jonathan Ames, book author and film producer, and actress Judith Roberts.
Read More

A Quiet Place, Christopher Tellefsen, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt

Crafting a Silent Nightmare: The Artistry Behind ‘A Quiet Place’

The Scope Weekly provides an in-depth review of John Krasinski’s latest effort, with an exclusive interview with the editor, Academy Award nominee Christopher Tellefsen. Read More

Getting Unsane: Steven Soderbergh Strikes Again with New Thriller

The Scope Weekly covers the director’s new film Unsane, and speaks with one of its stars, Joshua Leonard, about his experience. Read More

Environmental Coalition Files Lawsuit Against the Trump Administration

The Trump Administration’s decision to reverse controls on industrial plants show air toxicity could be four times worse for impoverished communities. Lawsuit filed today by 7 environmental groups. Read More

Exclusive Interview: Michael Abels Tells Us How He Approached Scoring Jordan Peele’s Get Out

Listening to the Ancestors: Composer Michael Abels discusses his approach to composing the musical score of the 2017 Oscar winner, and how music can affect social change. Read More

online searches

Presari: IT Platform Enhances Research Through Unbiased Search Results

Presari IT platform stands out for providing unbiased scopes of information, concurrent search results, and comparative rankings of those results by search engine. Read More

Barbara Corcoran & Cousins Maine Lobster: How a Lobster Roll Food Truck Became An Enterprise

How a Shark Tank investor and two Maine natives forged an incredible partnership, transforming a lobster roll food truck into a nationwide seafood enterprise. Read More

Darren Dean headshot

Films That Make a Difference: An Exclusive Interview with Award-Winning Hollywood Producer Darren Dean

An exclusive interview with rising writer and producer Darren Dean, known for Tangerine, The Florida Project, and the upcoming A Contract with God. Read More

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