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FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Remarks Regarding Arrest of Domestic Terrorist

FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Remarks Regarding Arrest of Cesar Sayoc in Suspicious Package Investigation Read More

FBI Releases Statement on its Investigation of Suspicious Packages Sent to Prominent Democrats and Others

Explosives were sent to George Soros, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Former President Barack Obama, Former CIA Director John Brennan, care of CNN, Former Attorney General Eric Holder. Read More

FBI Sets Up Page for October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

FBI cyber division’s motto is “Securing the internet is our shared responsibility”. Its goal is to empower the public to protect itself against cybercriminals. Read More

Infographic: Carbon Emission Problem: Cool Effect Shows You How To Fix It

Concerned about your carbon emission Footprint? Cool Effect has created a chart with easy-to-follow recommendations. Read More

Whistleblower and Health Associates Management Settle Lawsuits for $260 Million

Department of Justice settles suit filed by Goldberg Kohn Ltd.

Read More

Mercedez Benz Vision URBANETIC Drives the City of the Future with Driverless Van to Transport Cargo and Bodies

On demand, efficient and sustainable: Vision URBANETIC answers the questions of future urban mobility by offering a van that can transport cargos and persons. Read More

2017 Median Annual Earnings for Men is $52,146 while for Women It’s $41,977

Income and poverty numbers for 2017 Read More

Infographic: EPI New Report: Teacher Pay Gap Widening

The teacher pay penalty has hit a new high. Trends in the teacher wage and compensation gaps through 2017. Read More

Among Controversy, Colin Kaepernick Signed by Nike

In protest of Colin Kaepernick’s appointment to the Nike campaign, critics have responded by burning Nike trainers and clothing leading to wonder how the brand’s new advertising campaign will fare.

Read More

FBI Takes Measures to Protect the U.S. Elections and Public From Foreign Influence

FBI’s webpages aim to educate the public about foreign influence, disinformation campaigns, cyber attacks, and stolen identity with videos and news updates. Read More

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