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USA Original, “Mr Robot” Reboots 3rd Season

The USA network drama thriller series, Mr. Robot, returns for its 3rd season tonight at 10 pm . Created by Sam Esmail and starring Rami Malek, the series has received mass appeal winning the Golden Globe for Best Television Series in 2016. It also received over 5 Emmy nominations and continues to stake its claim as Read More

Bourdain’s Food Documentary: Wasted in Theatres this Friday

Anthony Bourdain & Others Discuss Proper Food Management In recent years, the issue of food has become a subject of interest not just for consumers but for preparers as well. The American chef, author, and broadcast celebrity, Anthony Bourdain, is featured in a documentary on food waste. Set to release October 13, Wasted: The Story Read More

Zunum 2022 aircraft

HyBrid commuter smart plane to hit market in 2022

Zunum Aero to Release Hybrid Smart Plane in 2022 Energy efficiency and AI technology continue to be integrated into many facets of life. Until today, these concepts have stayed indoors in a smarthome, smartphone or under the hoods of popular hybrid vehicles. However the Seattle-based startup, Zunum Aero is pushing the boundaries of modern aviation Read More

Suffering from Public Speaking Phobia? There’s an App for That.

A Chapman University research reports in a survey that fear of public speaking is America’s biggest phobia – 25.3 percent say they fear speaking in front of a crowd, to be followed by fear of clowns (7.6 percent feared), and  zombies are scarier (8.9 percent). So in the new not-so-brave world of tech solutions, it was Read More

A Look at Crowdfunding Your B2B business

“B2B crowdfunding is the future of innovation”, said Anne Howard, CEO of AH Marketing Group and many marketing professionals agree. Though crowdfunding has traditionally been oriented toward B2C, campaigns, B2B companies have recently entered the scene with hopes of raising large sums of money in exchange for equity, products or services. More and more companies Read More

Hugh Hefner, father of the sexual revolution dead at 91

Playboy empire Founder, Hugh Hefner, died on his estate on September 28, 2017; he was 91. His name and brand became iconic with the most memorable of names such as Coca-Cola or Michael Jackson. Remembered for his poised demeanor and unspoken dress code of a customary silk robe, Hefner singlehandedly revolutionized sexual expression. However, this Read More

Twitter Tests New Character Limit for Tweets

Twitter has always prided itself on keeping posts short and sweet by restricting public posts (tweets) to a mere 140 characters. Its unique simplicity has served the platform well but now the company is rethinking its approach. On Monday, Twitter announced that they will be testing out a more expansive tweeting feature with a 280 Read More

Running an E-commerce Business

Running an e-commerce store can be a hugely rewarding venture, which not only allows you to connect with others who share your passions but also gives you an opportunity to create a long-term, successful career. With sales during the holiday season last year topping $100 billion, the future is definitely looking bright for anyone looking Read More

Your Cell Number Could Be a Hottest Commodity than your Social Security

Your cell number could be more valuable than your social security is at risks of exposing you to piracy, hacking and identity theft.  Corporations are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to stay in the loop on consumer activity. It’s become clear that cell phones and smart devices are a standard among the population and Read More

Hyperloop Technologies Getting Closer to Statewide Bullet Train

The concept of a bullet train in the Golden State of California has been in the works for years now. Scientists and engineers alike envisioned a futuristic mode of transportation utilizing cutting edge technology to revolutionize the traveling process. When we say “revolutionize,” we mean from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles in Read More

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