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Hupu bird films to Complete the ‘DREAM TRILOGY’

DREAM ONE wins the coveted best short award at the Washington DC South Asian Film Festival Read More

The Growth Of Equity Crowdfunding In America

Move over Kickstarter. There’s a new game in town for startups and growing companies to raise money via the Internet. And no, it’s not just another platform for pre-ordering the latest must-have gizmo. It’s called equity crowdfunding.
Read More

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Brandon’s Top 3 Crowdfunding Campaigns for January 2019

Hercules SEZC, a decentralized supply blockchain, Nano Pods affordable earbuds, and Direct Impact Fund, a government shutdown relief. Read More

Brandon’s Top 3 Crowdfunding Picks for December 2018

The world’s smallest space cam, travel adapter and construction of President Trump’s defense wall. Read More

Editor’s Pick: Top Educational Crowdfunding Campaigns for September of 2018

The Scope Weekly September’s top crowdfunding campaigns revolved around education including interactive toy sets, a children’s book series and a library fund: QBI Toy Building Blocks, Reading with Rebecca and Character Education Heroes. Read More

Editor’s Pick: August 2018 Crowdfunding Campaigns Highlight Science Fiction Campaigns

Crowdfunding campaigns for science fiction and physics enthusiasts: How to Build a Time Machine, Mandela Effect books project, and a time-traveling science fiction film The Guy Down the Road. Read More

Environment Gets funded: The Top 4 Crowdfunding Campaigns for July 2018

Our favorite Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe,and Startengine campaigns favored the environment. We’ve selected a smart and sustainable timepiece, an effort to save lake Nacimiento, the preservation of a grand butterfly garden along with solar-powered renewable energy storage units. Read More

Top 3 Crowdfunding Campaigns for June: Bento Bag, Mach33, Rowan Tree

Watches for space enthusiasts, perfected travel bags and woman-focused workspaces. Read More

Top 3 Crowdfunding Campaigns for May 2018: Smart Belt 2.0, Ovis & Hygen

Scope Weekly’s Selection of the Most Notable Crowdfunding Campaigns for May 2018 Read More


Top 3 Crowdfunding Campaigns for April 2018: EverCam, FidoTV, Sweat Cosmetics

The Scope Weekly makes its monthly selection of crowdfunding campaigns in Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Startengine. Read More

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