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Calisson Toys French Babywear Couture Arrives to our Shore with Springtime!

French Couture and Liberty of London Floral Prints Fashion Line for Baby & Toddlers Comes to America Read More

Elon Musk Wants to Connect Your Brain to “Full Brain-Machine Interface”

Psychiatrist and newsmaker commentator Carole Lieberman Analyzes Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain-Machine Interface. Read More

Friendable Zero’s In on the Launch of Fan Pass, its Live Streaming Video App for Virtual Performances

The company accelerated its previously planned app release to provide a solution for all celebrity music artists, and their fans, following worldwide concert tour cancellations and their inability to monetize due to COVID-19. Read More

It’s 2020. Embrace the Power of Inclusion

People it’s 2020! Are you looking ahead and embracing best practices or stuck in old corporate style? Does your company culture embrace the power of inclusion? Read More

Are Solar Panels Worth The Money?

A look at the pros and cons of installing residential solar panels. Read More

Cruise ships going the smartphone way

Technologie Revamps Cruise Vacations  — is the best way to describe the technological upgrades that have taken place on cruise ships and provided an enhanced and positive passengers experience. Gone are the days when people on cruise ships would spend days on the sea, completely isolated from the mainland. The ships of Royal Caribbean Cruises, Read More

Watch & Learn from These Top 5 Startups Under 30

Whether they’re changing the way we invest, making cooking or healthy eating easier and more accessible, or proving that tech startups no longer need to be anywhere near Silicon Valley to succeed, entrepreneurs under 30 are leading the way with innovative business startups. Each month RPRNmag will delve into some of the world’s hottest business Read More

Hurricane: Foolproofing Your Smartphone May Save your life

Five Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Phone Running  After a Hurricane Hurricanes are strong enough to uproot trees, topple power lines and rip roofs off of homes and buildings. During calamities like these, power outages and lack of cell reception are often always sure to happen. Most people will rely on their smart phones for Read More

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