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Propeller advance paves way for quiet, efficient electric aviation

Electrification is seen as having an important role to play in the fossil-free aviation of tomorrow. But electric aviation is battling a dilemma: the more energy-efficient an electric aircraft is, the noisier it gets. Now, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have developed a propeller design optimization method that paves the way for quiet, efficient electric aviation. Read More

Farmers to Earn Revenue from Helping to Stabilize Climate

The Environmental Defense Fund explains and responds to the passage of the Greenhouse Gas Technical Assistance Provider and Third-Party Verifier Program with strong wording. “U.S. farmers can be part of the climate solution by lowering emissions from farming and increasing carbon storage. This legislation paves the way for producers to generate additional revenue from providing Read More

Thyroid Level Determines Women’s Health

At the very least, it plays an important role. Read More

Four Tips to Help Your Child Read Better

It’s never too early to start reading to your kids. Read More

How Mokhtar Alkhanshali Revitalized Yemeni Coffee

Yemeni-American entrepreneur Mokhtar Alkhanshali has become an American success story since he founded Port of Mokha Coffee. Read More


AT CES 2023 Read More

Balance your Hormones & Thyroid to Sleep Like a Baby

Why is it that when we are young, we “sleep like a baby,” but start to have difficulty sleeping through the aging process? Of course, during youth, we don’t typically have the stressful burdens that accompany life, but research suggests your hormones might be the cause of many of the most common sleep complaints. Read More

The Invisible Messengers That Can Determine Your Health

by Alannah Slingsby When my grandmother was pregnant with my mother, she was given a drug that would change her life forever. She was given DES, a potent synthetic estrogen that was given to women to prevent miscarriage. The marketing campaign for DES was aggressive and was sold as a “wonder drug.” It turns out, Read More

PDW Breaks Endurance World Record with C100 Drone Technology

C100 System timed over 2 hours of flight-time on record as of today.
Read More

First Sumatran Rhino Birth Since 2016 at the the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary

First Sumatran Rhino Birth since 2016 at the facility represents hope for the species. Read More

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