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Santa Clara County Claims in Lawsuit that Verizon Throttling Affected Response to Wildfire

Verizon favored profit over the safety of citizens said 22 governmental agencies in a lawsuit filed Monday. The lawsuit seeks to reinstate federal net neutrality rules. Read More

Environmental Group Sues the Trump Administration for its Failure to Protect Orca Habitat

The Center for Biological Diversity claims Trump administration has failed to honor the government 2015’s commitment. Read More

Environment Gets funded: The Top 4 Crowdfunding Campaigns for July 2018

Our favorite Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe,and Startengine campaigns favored the environment. We’ve selected a smart and sustainable timepiece, an effort to save lake Nacimiento, the preservation of a grand butterfly garden along with solar-powered renewable energy storage units. Read More

Scientific Study Reports that Methane Emissions Are Much Higher than EPA Claims

EPA’s own reporting is leaving out important data about oil and gas leaking from tanks. A new study reports actual emissions are 60% higher. Read More

Low-Cost and Environment-Friendly Green Funerals Growing in Popularity

Green Burials are offering an alternative way of saying “goodbye” to loved ones. Read More

Iceland Installs e-vehicle Chargers for Energy Sustainability Along its National Highway

Iceland is implementing an ambitious plan to increase the adoption of renewable energy, with incentives to promote electric vehicles. Read More

Environmental Coalition Files Lawsuit Against the Trump Administration

The Trump Administration’s decision to reverse controls on industrial plants show air toxicity could be four times worse for impoverished communities. Lawsuit filed today by 7 environmental groups. Read More

MIT Releases a Soft Robotic Fish to Get a Closer Look at Aquatic Life

SoFi the robot swims alongside real ones in coral reefs without disruption. Read More

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid To Be Shipped to Dealerships March 23

Honda announces that the 2018 Accord Hybrid will begin arriving in dealerships end of March as the latest addition to its expanding portfolio of electrified vehicles. Read More

Religious Leaders Across U.S. Oppose Trump and Zinke Plans for Coastal Drilling

The National Religious Partnership for the Environment urges Trump Administration to protect coastal communities

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