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Comprehensive Government’s National Climate Assessment Says Humans Responsible for Climate Change

The Trump administration mandated Climate Science Special Report released data on Thursday revealing that earth’s temperature continues to rise and that humans are primarily responsible. This is the Fourth National Climate Assessment and arguably the most comprehensive report on the nation’s changing weather patterns. This report is one of two volumes produced by hundreds of Read More

Amazon Wind Farm Texas Powers With Clean Energy More Than 330,000 Homes

Amazon Launches Biggest Wind Farm Yet Amazon announced on October 20 that its largest wind farm yet—Amazon Wind Farm Texas—is now up and running, adding more than 1,000,000 MWh of clean energy to the grid each year. Amazon has launched 18 wind and solar projects across the U.S., with over 35 more to come. Together, these projects Read More

Global Green Helps Residents Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Water Demand

Ten Cities in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Areas Join Program Global Green USA, a not-for-profit fostering a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future, announced today the results from its food scrap reduction and composting program which it brought to 31 new buildings in 10 cities in the Los Angeles and San Read More

Bourdain’s Food Documentary: Wasted in Theatres this Friday

Anthony Bourdain & Others Discuss Proper Food Management In recent years, the issue of food has become a subject of interest not just for consumers but for preparers as well. The American chef, author, and broadcast celebrity, Anthony Bourdain, is featured in a documentary on food waste. Set to release October 13, Wasted: The Story Read More

Zunum 2022 aircraft

HyBrid commuter smart plane to hit market in 2022

Zunum Aero to Release Hybrid Smart Plane in 2022 Energy efficiency and AI technology continue to be integrated into many facets of life. Until today, these concepts have stayed indoors in a smarthome, smartphone or under the hoods of popular hybrid vehicles. However the Seattle-based startup, Zunum Aero is pushing the boundaries of modern aviation Read More

Assistance for Small Business to Survive Disaster

The aftermath of massive natural disasters, such as the damage seen in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, can break many small businesses. Massive flooding and extensive damage and destruction to properties can result in many small businesses never recovering. In fact, approximately 40 percent of small businesses affected by a disaster never reopen Read More

Making Office Spaces Greener

“Green” is much more than a color or a catchy slogan — and it’s increasingly important in the vocabulary of architects, space planners, and human resource managers. Green concepts drive office design today, based on significant research findings that tie efficiency, productivity, employee satisfaction and physical health and well-being together in one neat package. The new Read More

WEF Study Reports Going Green is good for business

The World Economic Forum study reported that for 30 countries across the globe, 2016 was the year that solar and wind power became cheaper than any power produced by fossil fuels. According to the research conducted by the World Economic Forum, a large reason for this is because technology has helped move sustainability from a Read More

A Look at Three Environmentally Conscious Watches. It’s About Time!

During a time where ecological issues are reaching a tipping point, entrepreneurs and big business are at the forefront of innovation. Consumer attitudes are shifting the direction corporations view their products and services. Also, this demand has opened up the market for startups that already foster sound solutions. The push for a more environmentally sustainable Read More

The World's First Edible Six-Pack Rings Coming to Your Supermarket Soon

For as long as we can remember, traditional plastic holders and other forms of plastic instruments have been the drink industry’s standard. Over the years, plastic has become one of the most scrutinized items on the market due to environmental concerns. In addition, the threat that it poses to wildlife and animals have become of Read More

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