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Backed by clinical research performed at the University of Wisconsin, the FREEBOUNDER® is shown to have less impact on your joints than walking. Holding five patents, the FREEBOUNDER® helps people through their physical therapy journey utilizing a variety of twelve low-impact exercises. Created by John G. Louis, the sports medicine pioneer, and entrepreneur. Louis started Louis Innovation with the pursuit of Read More

Luxury brand Aina Kari Unveils Haute-de-Décor Collection

Milan-based Luxury brand Aina Kari has just unveiled the “Haute-de-Décor Collection,” a new sculptural collection of high-end home décor. Aina Kari’s niche collection celebrates Italy’s history of skilled craftsmen while harnessing practical, ethical, and aesthetic values. Highly collectible pieces that embody the essence of Murano’s artisans’ unique technique of mouth-blowing.Aina Kari unveils “Haute -de -Décor Read More


EACH BACKPACK IS DESIGNED WITH STUDENTS, PROFESSIONALS, AND TRAVELERS IN MIND At just over two pounds, Mobile Edge’s new Commuter Backpack lets students, professionals, and day travelers carry their gear and personal items comfortably and efficiently. Lightweight and durable, commuters can move between destinations, confident their gear is protected and organized. “Customers told us they Read More

Book Review: Musicians Survival Under the Nazi Regime

BEETHOVEN IN THE BUNKER: Musicians Under the Nazi Regime Read More

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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs Below $50

We recently wrote an article covering some of the top tech ideas for entrepreneurs during the holiday season. But after the dust settled, we felt that more could be suggested. Because we know how important it is for entrepreneurs to use the best items, we realized it couldn’t be limited to the tech world. Below Read More

Spring Eco-Fashion for the Earthy and Active Person

Created by an artist, discover the eco-fashion line for your active lifestyle. Read More

Chipotle Launches a Sustainable Farmed Gear Collection that Includes Upcycled Dye Made from Avocado Pits Used at its Restaurants

Just to show you that guacamole truly is heaven’s food. Read More

Product Review: Interested in PC Gaming? Scope Weekly Reviews 5 Gaming PCs on the Market Now

If you’re looking to start taking PC gaming more seriously, you’re just getting started or you need an update, you need to take a look at these games. Read More

Apple’s AirPods Just Got Better with Siri, Longer Talk Time and Wireless Charging Case

Latest AirPods powered by the H1 Chip double the talk-time and come with an optional wireless charging case. Read More

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Product Review: Burt’s Bees Renewal Product Line Keeps its Promises

White hibiscus and Apple rejuvenating complex smooth fines lines and firms up the skin. Read More

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