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The New Wave of Robotics: Ziro and Myo Puts Gesture-based Technologies into Motion

  Aside from all of the innovative tools, equipment and technology that is readily available on the market, have you really taken the time to acknowledge the power within the palms of your own hands? Nowadays, these skills are mostly discarded, placing most of the creative responsibilities into the hands of software and digital platforms. Read More

Hyperloop Technologies Getting Closer to Statewide Bullet Train

The concept of a bullet train in the Golden State of California has been in the works for years now. Scientists and engineers alike envisioned a futuristic mode of transportation utilizing cutting edge technology to revolutionize the traveling process. When we say “revolutionize,” we mean from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles in Read More

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Zuckerberg Leading the Future of Personalized Learning

It is said that knowledge is power which is why education has become critical for a successful career and life. In a job market that views candidates through their scope of skills and academic adept hood, people of all ages recognize the symbolic nature of higher learning. However, the education system is not perfect: It Read More

Windows Users Are Urged to Uninstall QuickTime ASAP

The United States Department of Homeland Security recently released a warning urging Windows users to remove QuickTime from their computers. The alert was issued after the release of Trend Micro’s report that stated that the multimedia framework has two serious security flaws that can make a computer vulnerable to hacking and data theft. QuickTime is Read More

New Facebook Features That Enhance Customer and Brand Engagement

Improving user engagement is high on Facebook agenda, and it drives the company’s innovation spree. New features are being added at frantic pace to make the social media platform more user-friendly. But Facebook does not just stop at innovations. The company does not mind borrowing or acquiring features from other platforms to thwart competitors. Experts Read More

Get Images Edited by the Pros for Free

Instagram, the photo and video sharing social networking service, offers businesses a great marketing platform. Brands all over the world are using short videos and high resolution images to promote themselves and to enhance customer experience. Now creative marketers have the opportunity to take their marketing game to the next level. Hippo Pics, “the world’s Read More

Twitter New Direct Message Improvements

 Twitter  in its pursuit to attract more people to the microblogging platform has focused on developing new features in the past year,  and one of the latest changes released in April 2016 includes the “message button”. This new feature makes it easy for users to post their tweets via the direct message option. The direct Read More

Top Pros and Cons of Using Windows 10 for Your Business

Previously, we had discussed in detail the benefits of using Apple products for business, and today we will take a close look at the advantages and flaws of using Windows 10 for enterprises. For more than four decades now, Microsoft’s Windows OS has ruled individual and business computing across the globe by gaining the trust Read More

Twitter’s Ten Year Long Journey – From Dorsey's First #twttr to #tmr

Ten years ago on 21st March 2016, Jack Dorsey published the very first Tweet, and this was way before Twitter even became a thing! The micrologging site was launched for the public on July 15, 2006. Although it’s not the official birthday of Twitter as incorrectly celebrated by many, It is a milestone worth celebrating! Read More

Good Bye TweetDeck for Windows

A rather big announcement was made by Twitter a couple of days ago. The social networking service stated that as of 15th April, it will no longer support the TweetDeck windows app. PC users who used the dashboard application for managing their Twitter accounts will now have to rely on TweetDeck’s web version. So far, Read More

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