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Product Review: Interested in PC Gaming? Scope Weekly Reviews 5 Gaming PCs on the Market Now

If you’re looking to start taking PC gaming more seriously, you’re just getting started or you need an update, you need to take a look at these games. Read More

Apple’s AirPods Just Got Better with Siri, Longer Talk Time and Wireless Charging Case

Latest AirPods powered by the H1 Chip double the talk-time and come with an optional wireless charging case. Read More

A2IM Delivers a Stellar First Showcase at SXSW

American Association of Independent Music gives musicians a platform through technology, advocacy, education, and community. Read More

What Are Digital License Plates and Will They Drive Us Forward?

Digital license plates could be the next big thing in the automotive industry. Read More

Capital One May Ask “What’s in your wallet?” While MasterCard Asks “What’s in a name?”

Mastercard drops its name from its cards, believes that its two overlapping circles are iconic and clearly branded.
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Gearing Up for CES 2019

CES is on from Tuesday January 8 to Friday January 11. Get your updates daily. Read More


MyOeno Scans Your Wine for a Simplified Selection

The average American consumes nearly 3 gallons of wine per year, and a new device from France is revamping how Americans choose its wine by delivering enology to the smartphone.
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Google May be Planning to Banish Websites from its Ecosystem

Do the Internet Giants Plan to Banish Websites from their Ecosystem in the Future of Search? Read More

FBI Sets Up Page for October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

FBI cyber division’s motto is “Securing the internet is our shared responsibility”. Its goal is to empower the public to protect itself against cybercriminals. Read More


We All Feared GDPR, But Here’s Why It’s Actually Making Us Better Marketers

90% of the data in the world, says a report from IBM Marketing Cloud, has been created in the last two years alone. That amounts to 2.5 quintillion bytes a day.  Read More

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