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Bon Voyage! Vacationing the Social Media Way

With vacation snapshots and selfies shared by the millions, how does a travel-brand best markets itself to its audience? MDG Advertising shared with us an infographic. Read More

Little River Inn - Photo-by-Alina-Tyulyu

Pristine Mendocino, California is Calling for the Perfect Getaway

Stay at the Little River Inn for the ocean view, hearty fare, and friendly staff. Unplug at the Brewery Gulch Inn, enjoy the art on display, fine cuisine and the natural surroundings. Read More

Get to Know Loyalty Cards and Use Your Points to travel for Free at ZorkFest

Scope Weekly talks with Michael Trager, a leading expert in loyalty programs who is on a mission to teach consumers how to travel or “do Vegas” for close to nothing.
Read More

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Revolut Partners with Thomas Cook to Offer ‘Pay Per Day’ Geolocation Travel Insurance

Revolut Continues to Disrupt Banking by Offering ‘Pay Per Day’ Geolocation Travel Insurance The London-based digital banking platform, Revolut, has just announced options to access international medical and dental insurance on a “pay per day” basis. This means you can pay for it when you need it. Partnering with British travel company, Thomas Cook, Revolut Read More

Data Reveals Which Airline You Should Fly With in 2018

A Look at 2017 World’s Most and Least Reliable Airlines Revealed As we head into 2018, many will be planning their travel plans for the year, and with recent controversies of delays and cancellations, our study of over 40 global airlines. We looked at airline performance last year regarding the percentage of flights delayed/ canceled, the Read More


Holiday Travel: Doing It Right in Aspen High Life

Enjoy Aspen, Colorado During the Holiday Season Three years ago when my son was a senior in college, he asked me if we could go skiing over his winter break. After considering different ski towns in Colorado, Utah, and British Columbia, we both decided that Aspen, Colorado sounded like a great place to start. I Read More

Online Boutique Brings the Mediterranean Blue Sea to the Holiday Shoppers

Dreaming of the Blue Sea but Can’t Travel? Shopping Blue Has the Perfect Gift Sets. With so many consumers tired of  Big Box shops with their aggressive marketing approaches, and generic product lines that lack in character and may we say identity, we went on a quest.  Thinking of the sophisticated shoppers on a tight budget and Read More

Best traveling apps for 2017

Even though as an entrepreneur you may not schedule time off, work, life balance is a must and with these great apps, you have no excuses to not book your getaway! The apps will make stress and jostle that come with any vacation a thing of the past or significantly diminished. Entrepreneur Goes on Holiday Read More

Cruise ships going the smartphone way

Technologie Revamps Cruise Vacations  — is the best way to describe the technological upgrades that have taken place on cruise ships and provided an enhanced and positive passengers experience. Gone are the days when people on cruise ships would spend days on the sea, completely isolated from the mainland. The ships of Royal Caribbean Cruises, Read More

Tech Savvy World Travelers Know-how

Advancement in technology has changed the world and even the way we travel. From booking tickets and finding accommodations to knowing your way around a new city, modern gadgets make it all much easier! It does not end at personal convenience. Technology has even shaped today’s travel and hospitality industry. Back in the days, great Read More

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