Get your ICO and Blockchain Reviewed

How to Get your ICO and Blockchain Campaigns Reviewed

Please read the general guidelines:


blockchain see below

All Scope Weekly newsmagazine reviews are truthful and entirely based on our observations.

You must send us a well-written press release and a distinctive pitch to receive our approval.

Once we have approved to feature our ICO or CCO, we will send you an invoice to be paid via Paypal. Our rates are reasonable and go toward supporting our Journalism internship program.

All stories are reviewed by veteran journalists.

 The feature story will be published within 5 days or sooner from the day the day the pitch was sent and accepted. Usually, it is much faster.

If The Scope Weekly accepts to review your ICO, we will notify the person who placed the submission and we may request additional information and send a Q & A.

If The Scope Weekly reviews your ICO, the review may appear on multiple Scope Weekly newsmagazine properties and perhaps on our partner websites.

The story will appear in our very popular Cryptocurrency news category.

Our cryptocurrency/ICO stories average 2k pageview a day and more.

Blockchain stories

Read the guidelines above. Depending on its topic, blockchain stories will appear in the Business, technology or Cryptocurrency news section.

If you agree with those terms, send us the pitch, write us at – subject line – ICO/BLOCKCHAIN FEATURE STORY.

We will inform you of the rate to write the story once we have reviewed your pitch and agreed to cover it.

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