Sustainable Fashion Meets Fine Art – FABA COLLECTION is a must-have

FABA COLLECTION is a must-have Art-To-Wear Read More

How To Balance Sleep and Career: From Sex to Houseplants

The quality of your sleep directly affects how good you are at doing your job or running our business. It may sound like common and obvious knowledge, but in the world of cutthroat business, it’s a statement that bears repeating: if you want to be the best that you can be at whatever it is Read More

Enjoy 15 seconds of fame On Time Square

Creators and fans can enjoy 15 seconds of fame with customized content on the world’s largest social feed this New Year’s Eve TSX Entertainment unveils the TSX app, a pioneering mobile-integrated entertainment platform. Launching just in time for New Year’s Eve, the app’s first major feature – PixelStar, allows users to easily upload content for display on Read More

Minorities and Women Moving Away from Tech Jobs – and Why It’s Bad for Business

Unfairness-based turnover in the tech industry is a $16 billion-a-year concern. A recent U.S. study found that sexism, racism, toxic work environments, and bullying are driving talented people out of the tech industry in droves.   In a first-of-its-kind survey, the Kapor Center for Social Impact and Harris Poll surveyed 2,006 people who had left Read More

Four Tips to Help Your Child Read Better

It’s never too early to start reading to your kids. Read More

How Mokhtar Alkhanshali Revitalized Yemeni Coffee

Yemeni-American entrepreneur Mokhtar Alkhanshali has become an American success story since he founded Port of Mokha Coffee. Read More

Book Review: Musicians Survival Under the Nazi Regime

BEETHOVEN IN THE BUNKER: Musicians Under the Nazi Regime Read More

a person wrapping presents

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs Below $50

We recently wrote an article covering some of the top tech ideas for entrepreneurs during the holiday season. But after the dust settled, we felt that more could be suggested. Because we know how important it is for entrepreneurs to use the best items, we realized it couldn’t be limited to the tech world. Below Read More

Middletown Cinemas Presents Last Showing of Eternal Spring

Middletown Cinemas is running Eternal Spring until December 22. Twenty-four hours left to see this award-winning film which has been described as beautifully animated, heart-wrenching and inspiring. Read More

10 Exclusive Art-to-Wear Holiday Gifts Under $150

From Eco-Fashion Designer and Fine Artist Ane Howard Read More

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