How to become a contributor to The Scope Weekly™ newsmagazine?

If you want to publish your own story, become a contributor.  Remember that we do not publish press releases but solely original articles, infographics, and videos. Provide us with a way to confirm that you have the rights to the images and video that you are providing.

Follow the steps:

    • We rely on our readers and contributors to help us keep publishing good stories, but we need your help. Therefore a contribution to help us onset the cost of posting your article is appreciated. Please send via PayPal to – contribution starts at $60. The button is at the bottom of this page.
    • No lists. No listicle. We frown upon lists and articles with titles such as ” Best 7 Tips to Whatever”. We cover news, latest studies, reports, and rarely do lists make the cut.
    • Infographics are acceptable.
    • No embed images.
    • To start off, we prefer you to send us a short pitch instead of a full article so we can give early feedback. However, we do need to see a complete draft before officially accepting your piece, even if we’ve asked you to write it.
    • Your pitch must include links to previously published articles.
    • Why are you an expert on the topic and do you have case studies
    • Expect to do multiple rounds of revisions, as we have an extensive editorial process.
    • If we reject a topic you’ve submitted, we urge you to try again with another idea.
    • Article length can vary but minimally starts at 500 words. We also publish graphics, podcasts, videos, slide presentations, and just about any other media that might help us share an idea effectively.
  • LINKS 
    • When linking to a company, you must name the company.
    • When linking to a study or research, you must name it.
    • We retain final decision rights over headlines.
    • All articles submitted are to be original and exclusive to the Scope Weekly. We don’t publish articles that have appeared elsewhere, that come across as promotional, or that do not include rigorous citations.
    • Each story is aimed to inform and be of interest to entrepreneurs and fit with our news sections.
    • If you are writing on behalf of a client, one link back to the company is allowed.
    • One hyperlink back to your company.
    • One link plus another link that makes for a total of two links – see above.
    • Your name will appear as the author unless required otherwise, with a short bio, a link to the LinkedIn profile.

    Submit Your Article

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