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Women in Power Series: Four Competitive Advantages Local Companies Have Over Multinationals

Phuong Uyen Tran, author and Deputy CEO of the THP shares her thoughts on family-owned business in the age of globalization. Read More

Women In Power Series: Op-ed by Holly Caplan – My Introduction to the “Boy’s Club”

My Introduction to the “Boy’s Club” was 20 Years Ago. Today, It’s Still Alive and Well. Guest post by Holly Caplan The Boy’s Club is alive and well. It is 2017, yet it still prevails and dictates to its male successors that sexual harassment, gender discrimination, shaming, and bullying are all okay.  I can say Read More

Women In Power Series: Interview with Shaz Kahng, Former Nike Exec & Author

The global retail mogul, Shaz Kahng, is one of the most recognized female apparel executives of this century, has published, The Closer , a novel inspired by her life experience. With a background as a scientific researcher, her precise and calculated nature has led her to auspiciously unexpected positions. Kahng was one of only a few Senior Read More


Successful Women Mentoring the Younger Generation

Women In Power Series: The Scope Weekly had a talk with Vanessa Yanez, World Wide Head of Print Communications at HP about the importance of mentoring in the workforce. Read More

Sharp Objects 5th Episode “Closer” Reveals the Power of Words

Tensions between mother and daughter come to a head in “Closer,” the fifth installment in the Sharp Objects mini-series on HBO. Read More

Annes Ann, Yanghee Paik, and Binna Won

Rael, Feminine Wellness Startup Closes $2.1 Million in Pre-Series A Funding Round

The women-owned startup dedicated to natural menstrual care products tackles head-on an often neglected market. Read More

The Changing Role of Women in the Entertainment and Media Industry

When we say the role of women is rapidly changing in the world, it is also broadly applicable to Hollywood and New York, the top revenue-making entertainment industry of the world. It’s not just limited to the actresses, but we have seen women making their presence known in all specialized avenues of this thriving industry. Read More

Business acumen: Ten Behaviors to Develop to Become a Better Business Leader

Women In Power Series: Vanessa Yanez, World Wide Head of Print Communications at HP, shares valuable insights on business leadership. Read More


All Aboard with California Law that Requires All Companies to Include One Female Board Director

Could 2019 Be the Year That Shattered the Proverbial Glass Ceiling?
Read More

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Credit: Paramount

SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST FILM NEWS – First in 2023, Opening and Closing Night TV Premieres: Janine Nabers and Donald Glover’s Swarm and Lee Sung Jin’s Beef

South by Southwest announces visions, global, 24 beats, festival favorites, plus additions to headliners, tv premieres, spotlights, Midnighters and other sections Read More

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