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After Bitcoin Crash – 669% Surge in Complaints to the CFPB

Cryptocurrency CFPB complaints rise as prices fall over financial issues with Coinbase. 40% complained that money was not available when promised.
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Real Estate & Homebuyers Enter the Age of Cryptocurrency

As digital currencies become more mainstream, they are poised to penetrate the real estate market. Could Bitcoin make it easier for home buyers to enter the real estate market and buy their dream home? Read More

Son of Wu-Tang Clan Rapper is Launching ‘Dirty Coin’ Cryptocurrency

Wu Tang Keeps Legacy Alive with ‘Dirty Coin’ Cryptocurrency Read More

Arrive, a Roc Nation Branch Invests in Robinhood Free-trading App

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation branch invests in rising free stock brokerage platform. Robinhood accommodates Ether and Bitcoin to residents of 5 states. Read More

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Are Cryptocurrencies Easy Targets for Pricing Manipulation?

The unexpected hike in prices could be a sign to any savvy investor that the prices are being manipulated.

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After a Hopeful Senate Hearing, Bitcoin Price up 26%

Bitcoin Sees Signs of Recovery After All-time Lows Read More

With Bitcoin Reaching its Market Cap, Square Cash Announces Bitcoin Trading Feature

Square Joins the Bitcoin Exchange with no Extra Costs for Customers Read More


62 Facts To Celebrate Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary

The Scope Weekly Celebrates Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary with infographic showing its milestones Read More

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Revolut Partners with Thomas Cook to Offer ‘Pay Per Day’ Geolocation Travel Insurance

Revolut Continues to Disrupt Banking by Offering ‘Pay Per Day’ Geolocation Travel Insurance The London-based digital banking platform, Revolut, has just announced options to access international medical and dental insurance on a “pay per day” basis. This means you can pay for it when you need it. Partnering with British travel company, Thomas Cook, Revolut Read More

ePlay client, Think Tank Labs, launches coin pre-sales for Blockchain Fantasy Sports Network – dFantasy

As reported earlier by The Scope Weekly, ePlay Digital is nearing the launch of their fantasy sports augmented reality (AR) game while on November 29th, the AR sports and entertainment platform announced that ThinkTank Labs will have their pre-initial Coin Offering (Pre-ICO) which started on December 1st and will end on the 10th. ThinkTank is Read More

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