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Like Mother Like Son: Murphy Brown’s Kid Makes a Big Move

Avery’s unemployment begins to take its toll — both on him and on the Murphy in the Morning team. Read More


Murphy Brown Recap: The Enemy of the Free Press

In “Beat the Press”, attacks on the media by President Donald Trump impact Murphy’s reporting, and her personal life. Read More

Murphy Brown 3shirts in the wind

Murphy’s Not Falling For It — The Gang Covers a Cold Case

The only thing worse than being in a coma for ten years? Waking up in 2018. Brooke Shields makes a guest appearance on this week’s Murphy Brown as Holly, a woman waking up to Trump’s America. Read More

Murphy Brown May Bridge the Generation Gap — This Week at a Gala

The “Murphy in the Morning” gang is headed to a gala to celebrate a lifetime of achievement for original cast member Jim Dial, and Murphy’s “worst ever” secretary (Bette Midler) makes a re-appearance at the top of this episode, now an heiress who has inherited ownership of the network. Read More