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Brandon’s Top 3 Crowdfunding Campaigns for January 2019

Hercules SEZC, a decentralized supply blockchain, Nano Pods affordable earbuds, and Direct Impact Fund, a government shutdown relief. Read More

Environment Gets funded: The Top 4 Crowdfunding Campaigns for July 2018

Our favorite Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe,and Startengine campaigns favored the environment. We’ve selected a smart and sustainable timepiece, an effort to save lake Nacimiento, the preservation of a grand butterfly garden along with solar-powered renewable energy storage units. Read More

Top 3 Crowdfunding Campaigns for June: Bento Bag, Mach33, Rowan Tree

Watches for space enthusiasts, perfected travel bags and woman-focused workspaces. Read More

Top 3 Crowdfunding Campaigns for May 2018: Smart Belt 2.0, Ovis & Hygen

Scope Weekly’s Selection of the Most Notable Crowdfunding Campaigns for May 2018 Read More

FidoTV Offers Dog Lovers a Piece of the Network on StartEngine Crowdfunding Platform

FidoTV offers dog lovers the opportunity to invest in the future of the dog-centric media network by buying shares of Series A Preferred Stock.
Read More

How to Prepare for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

An expert take on the steps to take before your crowdfunding campaign goes live. 

Read More

Crowdfunding: January 2018-Three Campaigns-Three Platforms

January’s Crowdfunding Highlights: IoT Kit, Water Purification & Tablet for Older Adults Read More

The Scope Weekly’s Crowdfunding Pick – Yeehaw Wand – Holo – Chip

Three Campaigns – Three Platforms – Yeehaw Wand – Holo – Chip Last month we shared the top 3 most promising crowdfunding campaigns and want to revisit again for December. We included the popular choices of IndieGoGo and Kickstarter while incorporating an equity-based platform named CrowdCube. The two former options are conventionally set up allowing backers Read More

Joto is a robotic drawing board

Crowdfunding: November 2017 – Three Campaigns – Three Platforms

Crowdfunding never gets old. Every time new campaign launches, it’s a race against time for administrators who are attempting to reel in enough support from the community’s backers and investors. Some of the world’s most innovative products and services arose through crowdfunding campaigns but what is it? Crowdfunding is defined as “the practice of soliciting Read More

Want to Know Four Reasons Startups Need PR to Attract Funding? We Asked a Pro

“Put your best foot forward. Startup companies looking for venture capital dollars should pay heed to this adage in today’s turbulent economy,” said A. Howard, a California-based PR practitioner who specializes in marketing crowdfunding campaigns. Amateur Hour is over “Now isn’t the time for amateur copy and brochures. If you want investors to take you seriously, Read More

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