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Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo launches Digital Marketplace for Entrepreneurs and Shoppers

Indiegogo has just announced the opening their own digital marketplace. Just in time for holiday shopping! This will help vendors sell their personal products and allow customers to shop for items that aren’t available anywhere else. The San Francisco-based company will not only offer their domestic products but items successfully crowdfunded elsewhere. Hosting 800,000 campaigns Read More

MirroCool Boosts the IQ of Your Average Smart Mirror

The Scope Weekly had the pleasure of conversing with Wojtek Kaszycki, the CEO of MirroCool, a startup launching a smart mirror that works with Facial Gestures Recognition technology. Here is our takeaway from the conversation. The Bigger Picture Smart Mirror Technologies are becoming a crucial element in information-delivery systems. According to a report by Technavio Research published Read More

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