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BitMart’s Token Rises 206.90% in May

The cryptocurrency trading platform hopes to make its mark in the U.S. market and launches an aggressive marketing campaign. Read More

21% of College Students Increase Student Loan Debt Buying Cryptocurrencies

Research shows some college students are happy to increase debt levels to buy cryptocurrencies. Read More

Real Estate & Homebuyers Enter the Age of Cryptocurrency

As digital currencies become more mainstream, they are poised to penetrate the real estate market. Could Bitcoin make it easier for home buyers to enter the real estate market and buy their dream home? Read More

Son of Wu-Tang Clan Rapper is Launching ‘Dirty Coin’ Cryptocurrency

Wu Tang Keeps Legacy Alive with ‘Dirty Coin’ Cryptocurrency Read More

Kleros Adds a Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer for Almost Any Product or Service

Can crowdsourced online tribunals disrupt the current justice system? Kleros, a new platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, aims to transform dispute resolution Read More

FuzeW Cryptocurrency Ecard More Secure Than Ever But is it Enough?

Brilliant TS Announces Secure Crypto SmartCard Read More

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Are Cryptocurrencies Easy Targets for Pricing Manipulation?

The unexpected hike in prices could be a sign to any savvy investor that the prices are being manipulated.

Read More

After a Hopeful Senate Hearing, Bitcoin Price up 26%

Bitcoin Sees Signs of Recovery After All-time Lows Read More

The Real Reason Facebook Banned Cryptocurrency

Facebook may be looking at creating its cryptocurrency as a mean to control transactions done on its platform. Read More


62 Facts To Celebrate Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary

The Scope Weekly Celebrates Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary with infographic showing its milestones Read More

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