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Op-Ed – Facebook Courts Disaster – Now It Wants Your Financial Records

Facebook’s latest stance could be its biggest PR disaster so far. The company denies having made the request but the damage is done. Read More

The Real Reason Facebook Banned Cryptocurrency

Facebook may be looking at creating its cryptocurrency as a mean to control transactions done on its platform. Read More

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Facebook Plans to Downsize for 2018: Investors & Marketers Weigh in

Facebook’s Strategy to Shrink is to Ultimately Grow Facebook announced on January 11th that they will be making changes to their news feed that will dramatically reduce the amount of time users spend on its network. Facebook will favor content that is most attractive to you and keep those towards the top while weeding out Read More

Google, Facebook May Be Recording and Keeping Your Conversations

Wouldn’t you say there’s an arrogance to a company that believes it can record conversations you have had in proximity to its products without impunity? I surely think so. This week some disturbing news came to light and further the ever-so-eroding privacy that tech consumers are experiencing with a disturbing passivity. Earlier this week, it was revealed Read More

Facebook Clarifies Controversial Revenge Porn Prevention

Facebook’s  revenge porn program has stirred up controversy. Revenge porn, best described as the practice of the sexually explicit portrayal of one or more people that is distributed without their consent via any medium, is also referred to as sexual cyberbullying. It is a growing problem with serious psychological effects, which has prompted Facebook to establish its program,without Read More