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Backed by clinical research performed at the University of Wisconsin, the FREEBOUNDER® is shown to have less impact on your joints than walking. Holding five patents, the FREEBOUNDER® helps people through their physical therapy journey utilizing a variety of twelve low-impact exercises. Created by John G. Louis, the sports medicine pioneer, and entrepreneur. Louis started Louis Innovation with the pursuit of Read More

Thyroid Level Determines Women’s Health

At the very least, it plays an important role. Read More

Five Things to Know Before Starting a Company

Alannah Slingsby, the CEO and founder of Moment shares insights about starting a company. Read More

Balance your Hormones & Thyroid to Sleep Like a Baby

Why is it that when we are young, we “sleep like a baby,” but start to have difficulty sleeping through the aging process? Of course, during youth, we don’t typically have the stressful burdens that accompany life, but research suggests your hormones might be the cause of many of the most common sleep complaints. Read More

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Five Reasons To Know Your Cortisol Levels

Find out why knowing your cortisol level is important. Read More

The Invisible Messengers That Can Determine Your Health

by Alannah Slingsby When my grandmother was pregnant with my mother, she was given a drug that would change her life forever. She was given DES, a potent synthetic estrogen that was given to women to prevent miscarriage. The marketing campaign for DES was aggressive and was sold as a “wonder drug.” It turns out, Read More