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Murphy Brown

In “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” Murphy Brown’s Gang Got a Scoop — But Can They Keep It?

Murphy and the gang are working hard to keep a big story secret, but their personal relationships may prevent them from keeping the scoop. Read More

Murphy Brown 3shirts in the wind

“Three Shirts to the Wind” Murphy Brown Examines the Media’s Role in Elevating Extremist Views

“Don’t you Giuliani me.” This week’s episode of Murphy Brown moralizes on the culpability of the press in “normalizing” extremist political figures.
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Film Review: Searching for Truth Beneath the Digital Facade

In his directorial debut, Searching director Aneesh Chaganty takes on the challenge of translating the digital screen onto the cinema screen. Read More

Sharp Objects Finale “Milk” Reveals Who is Behind the Murders in Wind Gap

Spoilers Ahead: In the series finale of HBO’s mini-series Sharp Objects, Camille Preaker discovers the depths of her own family’s psychosis. Read More

Fix Sharp ojbects

Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Fix. Amy Adams Delivers Best Performance to Date

In the third episode of Sharp Objects, the latest HBO drama series from Jean-Marc Vallée, journalist Camille reflects on her relationship with teenagers in a town where two teens have been recently murdered. Read More

Amy Adams stars as Camille in Sharp Objects. HBO

Sharp Objects Season Premiere: Vanish Unwinds a Multifaceted Mystery

In HBO’s Sharp Objects, Amy Adams plays Camille, a journalist forced to confront her own haunted past as she investigates a string of murders in her hometown. Read More

Westworld Season 2 Episode 10: The Race to the Valley Beyond is the Finale That We didn’t Expect

“The Passenger”: Westworld Season 2 Episode 10 the second season Finale, Westworld reveals the Location of The Valley Beyond, and the gold data it holds. Read More

Westworld Season 2 Episode 9: Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil

The Scope Weekly recaps “Vanishing Point,” the ninth episode of Season. Read More