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With Bitcoin Reaching its Market Cap, Square Cash Announces Bitcoin Trading Feature

Square Joins the Bitcoin Exchange with no Extra Costs for Customers Read More

Russian Bots Pollutes Twitter with #schumershutdown Hashtag

Think Tank ties Russian Bots to #schumershutdown and #Releasethememo just a few days after Twitter announces new process and security measures taken to avoid a repeat of the inundation of fake accounts trying to influence the 2016 Election. Read More

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Twitter Takes Steps to Avoid another 2016 U.S. Election Debacle

Twitter suspends over 50,258 accounts linked to Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Elections Read More

Trump, Weinstein, Rose McGowan. Twitter Sets Policies to Prevent User Abuse; Are They too Late?

This is not the yellow brick road. Twitter promises to buckle down on inappropriate content following the 1-day boycott initially started by actress, Rose McGowan. Her Twitter account was temporarily suspended last Thursday after tweeting against Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein, for his continual abuse of power. McGowan responded by posting Twitter’s snapshot of her suspension Read More

Twitter Tests New Character Limit for Tweets

Twitter has always prided itself on keeping posts short and sweet by restricting public posts (tweets) to a mere 140 characters. Its unique simplicity has served the platform well but now the company is rethinking its approach. On Monday, Twitter announced that they will be testing out a more expansive tweeting feature with a 280 Read More